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Google Drive Time Tracker

Simple time tracker with saving data to your Google Drive. Now you can edit spent time on your tasks. There is options for editing time (ex. 30 minutes):

  • :30
  • 0:30
  • 0,5
  • 0.5

Your data is saved in your personal Google Drive and in your browser's LocalStorage. So you can close browser during working on task and open again after ending.

Live app here!


Step 1: Make a form

Open this form and make a copy (File » Make a copy, you must be logged in).

Please do not change this form so other users can use it. Make your copy and close original form.

Now you can edit your Category and Task values.

There is only simple summary of responses in Google Drive. So you can make your own better summary with data from new table of responses (Choose response » New spreadsheet).

Enter your form ID to input field in app. Form ID you can find in address bar:

Example: [FORM ID] /viewform

Step 2: Enter your form ID

Enter your form ID in the input field in app.

Tip for Chrome users:

You can use this app as a "desktop app". Simply make a shortcut (Tools » Create application shortcuts) to your desktop. It will looks like this:

Chrome shortcut