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# -*- org -*-
* The irclogs Scheme system
This is a project that aims to provide a software library and tools that
work on IRC log files.
The project is licenced under the GNU GPL, version 3 or later. See the
** Tools included
- irc2html.sps :: Based based on irc2html.scm[0] by MJ Ray, this is a
IRC-Log-to-HTML converter.
In comparison to the original tool, it additionally supports:
- running through entire directory trees of logs, with a
configurable tree structure (currently you have to change the code
to configure, but it's just one line).
- Additional log file formats can be easily added.
However, its dependencies are more heavyweight, and I have not
tested it on MzScheme (the original implementation platform of
irc2html.scm), just on Ikarus Scheme.
- irclog-httpd.sps :: An experimental web server that should
eventually provide online log searching, IRC activity overviews and
the like.
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