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Rotunda Software

We are a close-knit group of professionals on a quest to work and live well. Our specialty is in providing easy to use tools for organizing people.

Popular repositories

  1. Add css to your npm modules consumed with browserify.

    JavaScript 254 22

  2. cartero Public

    Modular front end development for multi-page web applications.

    JavaScript 206 24

  3. Easily render backbone.js collections. In addition to managing model views, this class supports automatic selection of models in response to clicks, reordering models via drag and drop, and more.

    JavaScript 173 27

  4. A minimalist view mixin for creating and managing subviews in your Backbone.js applications.

    JavaScript 129 22

  5. Easily bubble events up your view hierarchy in your Backbone.js applications.

    JavaScript 115 11

  6. A mixin that allows you to define global helpers for the underscore.js template function.

    JavaScript 52 13


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