An open-source textbook written at the college level. OpenIntro also offers a second college-level intro stat textbook and also a high school variant.
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WARNING: The word nascent below is to mean that only the structure of this project is complete. I have not, yet, upated all the exercises and solutions. See Roadmap below.

This nascent project attempts to use R and knitr to randomly generate numbers for the exercises (and their solutions naturally follow) for the book OpenIntro Statistics, the book from which this project is derived.

This derivative work grew out of a need for "new" problems. All exercises' contexts remain the same, only the numbers within the exercises and their solutions change. Since valuable lessons are often learned from the sign and/or the magnitude of the numbers, there has been an attempt to maintain (with respect to the original work) the sign and relative magnitudes of all the randomly generated numbers.

Other Changes

  • Converted .tex to .Rnw files
  • Reorganized the original file structure
  • Simplified typesetting with a Makefile
  • Allowed R code to be included within the text
  • Replaced some plots (mostly in solutions) to match the randomly generated numbers

Typesetting the Textbook

From the command line, run

$ make



Only the structure of this project is complete. Here's a task list of completed (triple checking wouldn't hurt) chapters.

  • [] Chapter 1
  • [] Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • [] Chapter 5
  • [] Chapter 6
  • [] Chapter 7
  • [] Chapter 8