A tool to import a MediaWiki XML dump into Google Sites
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A tool to import a MediaWiki XML dump into Google Sites

Someone: Please fork, take ownership and continue developing this.

This is a very basic tool to import a MediaWiki XML dump into Google Sites. It's barely capable of importing the one single MediaWiki which I myself wanted to migrate to Google Sites, but I guess that I'm not the only one who wants to do this and publishing the code (however unfinished) here can be helpful.

It's built on top of these existing open source projects:

The source code in this git repository is a fork of the google-sites-liberation hg repository, to which I've then added stuff. (Thereby now leaving the code in need of a refactoring ...)

To build the tool, see the comment in pom.xml about how to build the mwdumper dependency in Maven. After having done that, there is a GUI that can be started with this command line:

mvn clean install exec:java

Or, you can run without GUI by adding this to the above command line:


So, to migrate a web site from MediaWiki to Google Sites, the first step is to create a MediaWiki XML dump:

I have myself used the dumpgenerator.py tool to do that:

Then copy SimpleWikiConfiguration.xml from Sweble into the directory that now contains your MediaWiki XML dump, and edit it to suit your wiki:

(Especially if your wiki isn't in English, you'll need to add declarations for the namespaces you use here.)

Then you should be ready to go. It probably won't work. But at least you should have a nicer starting point than having to write all the code from scratch yourself. Just so we're all clear on that, this is not for end users.

Good Luck!

Fredrik Roubert