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RoudiApp WHMCS Payment Gateway Module for Stripe Checkout the Legacy version.
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WHMCS Payment gateway module for Stripe Checkout by RoudiApp

This is a native WHMCS Payment Gateway Module for Stripe Checkout using checkout.js by Latest Stripe PHP API is also used to finalise the charge process.


  • Supports Card and Bitcoin Payments only.
  • Suitable for one time payments only.
  • 100% PCI compliance.
  • Supports Full and Partial refund
  • Supports Instant Payment Verification
  • Supports Radar, enable address check and configure your Radar Rules to fully benefit form this feature.
  • Supports all currencies supported by stripe.
  • No Webhook configuration is required.
  • Transaction Fee calculation, this is for finance report only and will not add any surcharge.

Change Log

  • Version 4
    • Added Radar support
    • Stripe PHP API is upgraded
    • Bug Fix: Bitcoin js config set expected boolean value, string was passed.
    • Updated: js Address config set was updated to comply with new stripe checkout configuration setup.
    • Removed: Alipay support is removed as Stripe Checkout no longer supports Alipay. Alipay support is added to a new module.

Installation Instruction

  • Please make sure that you have full backup from your existing installation and that a record is stored locally.
  • Unzip your package and find the stripeXXX and callback folders (XXX represents the Stripe PHP API version).
  • Upload stripeXXX folder (ROOT represents your WHMCS installation folder).
  • Upload roudiappstripecheckout.php file to ROOT/modules/gateways
  • From callback folder find roudiappstripecheckout_payment.php file and upload to ROOT/modules/gateways/callback folder.
  • Install and configure your RoudiApp Stripe Checkout module from Admin menu > Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways
  • Find RoudiApp Stripe Checkout module to install.


  • Transaction Fee % and Transaction Fee Fix boxes are for calculating the transaction fee and will not add any surcharge.
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