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typedef DateTime DateTimeGetter();
/// A class that has only one purpose: getting the current time.
/// Why? Because otherwise it's hard to test any code that depends on
/// the current time.
/// To see how to test with this, see:
/// * [test/redux/show_middleware_test.dart]
/// "Show usages" of [Clock.resetDateTimeGetter] will yield an up to date
/// list of all tests that use this class.
class Clock {
/// The default date time getter, which returns the current date and time.
static final defaultDateTimeGetter = () =>;
/// Resets the current mock implementation (if any) for [getCurrentTime]
/// method back to an implementation that returns the current date and time.
static void resetDateTimeGetter() => getCurrentTime = defaultDateTimeGetter;
/// Used by production code to check the current date and time.
/// Switch this to custom implementation in tests in order to test production
/// code that depends on current date and time.
static DateTimeGetter getCurrentTime = defaultDateTimeGetter;