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Bootstrap RST

Bootstrap RST offers an easy access to the bootstrap framework using the reStructuredText markup language. Bootstrap RST provides a set of new directives and roles (row, column, button, list, etc.) that allow seamless integration of the bootstrap framework. Have a look at the source of this page for example and see below for what is available so far.

See demo at:


Nicolas P. Rougier :

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2014 Nicolas P. Rougier. Code released under the MIT license. Docs released under Creative Commons.



On Ubuntu:

$ sudo -H -s
# apt install python3-pip
# pip3 install docutils
# exit


On Ubuntu:

$ cd bootstrap-rst/
$ git checkout -b browse-code
$ python3 --help
$ python3 clean --all
$ sudo -H -s
# pip3 uninstall bootstrap-rst
# python3 install
# exit


$ cd bootstrap-rst/
$ git checkout -b test-code
$ make clean
$ make
$ firefox *.html


$ mkdir test && cd test
$ rst2bootstrap4 --help
$ rst2bootstrap4 test.rst test.html

If you want to use Glyphicons icon font, you need Bootstrap v3:

$ cd test/
$ rst2bootstrap3 /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/bootstrap_rst-0.1.dev20180222-py3.5.egg/doc/components.rst components.html

Carousel example needs some files:

$ cd test/
$ rst2bootstrap-carousel ~/src/bootstrap-rst/doc/carousel.rst carousel.html