Decentralized Lottery - A Quick Sample Ethereum ÐApp
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Decentralized Lottery

Smart Contract

  • Lottery() constuctor accepts the winning number from the Owner and stores it as SHA3 hash (used in Solidity as keccak256(payload)).
  • requestToken() can be called by participants of the lottery to request any amount of tokens (total 1000000 tokens available). Here, 1 token costs 1 ether and in case of fractional payment, the excess is refunded.
  • makeGuess() can be called by participants to guess a number and spend a token. There's the security of refund in case the number is out of range.
  • closeGame() can be called by the Owner to stop the lottery and find out the winner by matching the hash.
  • winnerAddress() will fetch the address of the winning user.
  • getPrice() can be called by the winner to receive 50% of the total ether in the contract in his / her account and transferring the remaining 50% to the Owner address.
  • No winner : The entire amount of ethers present in the smart contract is transferred to the Owner.


  • In case multiple users guess the winning number, the last one to guess will be declared the winner.
  • The user won't be able to request tokens once the 1000000 tokens are exhausted.

Test it on Remix IDE or through Truffle.