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Gmail Attachment Downloader

This program is a Python script that downloads attachments found in the inbox of the user's Gmail account, based on a specific sender's address.

Getting Started


  • Python3 Python 2.5+


  1. Enable IMAP after logging in to your Google (Gmail) account.
  2. Give permission to less secure apps in Gmail.
  3. Download/clone repository.
  4. Run python

[Note that a CLI-specific version has also been added; and can be used by : python]


  • Interface presents you with Your e-mail, Password and Query e-mail fields.
  • After correctly entering all the fields, hit Enter or click OK.
  • Finally, it will download all attachments from the queried sender's emails onto the specific directory.
  • You can view each email's contents from the list displayed.
  • It will not download an attachment if it already exists in the directory.

Built With

  • Python
  • QT 4
  • The following packages from the Python 3 standard libraries: