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* Test class to test rcmail_mod_css_styles and XSS vulnerabilites
* @package Tests
class ModCss extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
function test_modcss()
$css = file_get_contents(TESTS_DIR . 'src/valid.css');
$mod = rcmail_mod_css_styles($css, 'rcmbody');
$this->assertRegExp('/#rcmbody\s+\{/', $mod, "Replace body style definition");
$this->assertRegExp('/#rcmbody h1\s\{/', $mod, "Prefix tag styles (single)");
$this->assertRegExp('/#rcmbody h1, #rcmbody h2, #rcmbody h3, #rcmbody textarea\s+\{/', $mod, "Prefix tag styles (multiple)");
$this->assertRegExp('/#rcmbody \.noscript\s+\{/', $mod, "Prefix class styles");
function test_xss()
$mod = rcmail_mod_css_styles("body.main2cols { background-image: url('../images/leftcol.png'); }", 'rcmbody');
$this->assertEquals("/* evil! */", $mod, "No url() values allowed");
$mod = rcmail_mod_css_styles("@import url('http://localhost/somestuff/css/master.css');", 'rcmbody');
$this->assertEquals("/* evil! */", $mod, "No import statements");
$mod = rcmail_mod_css_styles("left:expression(document.body.offsetWidth-20)", 'rcmbody');
$this->assertEquals("/* evil! */", $mod, "No expression properties");
$mod = rcmail_mod_css_styles("left:exp/* */ression( alert(&#039;xss3&#039;) )", 'rcmbody');
$this->assertEquals("/* evil! */", $mod, "Don't allow encoding quirks");
$mod = rcmail_mod_css_styles("background:\\0075\\0072\\006c( javascript:alert(&#039;xss&#039;) )", 'rcmbody');
$this->assertEquals("/* evil! */", $mod, "Don't allow encoding quirks (2)");
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