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| Author: Cor Bosman (
| Plugin: jqueryui
| Version: 1.8.14
| Purpose: Add jquery-ui to roundcube for every plugin to use
jqueryui adds the complete jquery-ui library including the smoothness
theme to roundcube. This allows other plugins to use jquery-ui without
having to load their own version. The benefit of using 1 central jquery-ui
is that we wont run into problems of conflicting jquery libraries being
loaded. All plugins that want to use jquery-ui should use this plugin as
a requirement.
It is possible for plugin authors to override the default smoothness theme.
To do this, go to the jquery-ui website, and use the download feature to
download your own theme. In the advanced settings, provide a scope class to
your theme and add that class to all your UI elements. Finally, load the
downloaded css files in your own plugin.
Some jquery-ui modules provide localization. One example is the datepicker module.
If you want to load localization for a specific module, then set up
Check the file on how to set this up for the datepicker module.
As of version 1.8.6 this plugin also supports other themes. If you're a theme
developer and would like a different default theme to be used for your RC theme
then let me know and we can set things up.
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