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| language/en_US/ |
| |
| Language file of the Roundcube Webmail client |
| Copyright (C) 2005-2010, The Roundcube Dev Team |
| |
| Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or |
| any later version with exceptions for skins & plugins. |
| See the README file for a full license statement. |
| |
| Author: Thomas Bruederli <> |
@version $Id$
$messages = array();
$messages['errortitle'] = 'An error occurred!';
$messages['loginfailed'] = 'Login failed.';
$messages['cookiesdisabled'] = 'Your browser does not accept cookies.';
$messages['sessionerror'] = 'Your session is invalid or expired.';
$messages['storageerror'] = 'Connection to storage server failed.';
$messages['servererror'] = 'Server Error!';
$messages['servererrormsg'] = 'Server Error: $msg';
$messages['dberror'] = 'Database Error!';
$messages['requesttimedout'] = 'Request timed out';
$messages['errorreadonly'] = 'Unable to perform operation. Folder is read-only.';
$messages['errornoperm'] = 'Unable to perform operation. Permission denied.';
$messages['invalidrequest'] = 'Invalid request! No data was saved.';
$messages['invalidhost'] = 'Invalid server name.';
$messages['nomessagesfound'] = 'No messages found in this mailbox.';
$messages['loggedout'] = 'You have successfully terminated the session. Good bye!';
$messages['mailboxempty'] = 'Mailbox is empty.';
$messages['refreshing'] = 'Refreshing...';
$messages['loading'] = 'Loading...';
$messages['uploading'] = 'Uploading file...';
$messages['uploadingmany'] = 'Uploading files...';
$messages['loadingdata'] = 'Loading data...';
$messages['checkingmail'] = 'Checking for new messages...';
$messages['sendingmessage'] = 'Sending message...';
$messages['messagesent'] = 'Message sent successfully.';
$messages['savingmessage'] = 'Saving message...';
$messages['messagesaved'] = 'Message saved to Drafts.';
$messages['successfullysaved'] = 'Successfully saved.';
$messages['addedsuccessfully'] = 'Contact added successfully to address book.';
$messages['contactexists'] = 'A contact with the same e-mail address already exists.';
$messages['contactnameexists'] = 'A contact with the same name already exists.';
$messages['blockedimages'] = 'To protect your privacy, remote images are blocked in this message.';
$messages['encryptedmessage'] = 'This is an encrypted message and can not be displayed. Sorry!';
$messages['nocontactsfound'] = 'No contacts found.';
$messages['contactnotfound'] = 'The requested contact was not found.';
$messages['contactsearchonly'] = 'Enter some search terms to find contacts';
$messages['sendingfailed'] = 'Failed to send message.';
$messages['senttooquickly'] = 'Please wait $sec sec(s). before sending this message.';
$messages['errorsavingsent'] = 'An error occured while saving sent message.';
$messages['errorsaving'] = 'An error occured while saving.';
$messages['errormoving'] = 'Could not move the message(s).';
$messages['errorcopying'] = 'Could not copy the message(s).';
$messages['errordeleting'] = 'Could not delete the message(s).';
$messages['errormarking'] = 'Could not mark the message(s).';
$messages['deletecontactconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete selected contact(s)?';
$messages['deletegroupconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete selected group?';
$messages['deletemessagesconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete selected message(s)?';
$messages['deletefolderconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete this folder?';
$messages['purgefolderconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete all messages in this folder?';
$messages['contactdeleting'] = 'Deleting contact(s)...';
$messages['groupdeleting'] = 'Deleting group...';
$messages['folderdeleting'] = 'Deleting folder...';
$messages['foldermoving'] = 'Moving folder...';
$messages['foldersubscribing'] = 'Subscribing folder...';
$messages['folderunsubscribing'] = 'Unsubscribing folder...';
$messages['formincomplete'] = 'The form was not completely filled out.';
$messages['noemailwarning'] = 'Please enter a valid email address.';
$messages['nonamewarning'] = 'Please enter a name.';
$messages['nopagesizewarning'] = 'Please enter a page size.';
$messages['nosenderwarning'] = 'Please enter sender e-mail address.';
$messages['norecipientwarning'] = 'Please enter at least one recipient.';
$messages['nosubjectwarning'] = 'The "Subject" field is empty. Would you like to enter one now?';
$messages['nobodywarning'] = 'Send this message without text?';
$messages['notsentwarning'] = 'Message has not been sent. Do you want to discard your message?';
$messages['noldapserver'] = 'Please select an ldap server to search.';
$messages['nosearchname'] = 'Please enter a contact name or email address.';
$messages['notuploadedwarning'] = 'Not all attachments have been uploaded yet. Please wait or cancel the upload.';
$messages['searchsuccessful'] = '$nr messages found.';
$messages['contactsearchsuccessful'] = '$nr contacts found.';
$messages['searchnomatch'] = 'Search returned no matches.';
$messages['searching'] = 'Searching...';
$messages['checking'] = 'Checking...';
$messages['nospellerrors'] = 'No spelling errors found.';
$messages['folderdeleted'] = 'Folder successfully deleted.';
$messages['foldersubscribed'] = 'Folder successfully subscribed.';
$messages['folderunsubscribed'] = 'Folder successfully unsubscribed.';
$messages['folderpurged'] = 'Folder has successfully been emptied.';
$messages['folderexpunged'] = 'Folder has successfully been compacted.';
$messages['deletedsuccessfully'] = 'Successfully deleted.';
$messages['converting'] = 'Removing formatting...';
$messages['messageopenerror'] = 'Could not load message from server.';
$messages['fileuploaderror'] = 'File upload failed.';
$messages['filesizeerror'] = 'The uploaded file exceeds the maximum size of $size.';
$messages['copysuccess'] = 'Successfully copied $nr addresses.';
$messages['copyerror'] = 'Could not copy any addresses.';
$messages['sourceisreadonly'] = 'This address source is read only.';
$messages['errorsavingcontact'] = 'Could not save the contact address.';
$messages['movingmessage'] = 'Moving message(s)...';
$messages['copyingmessage'] = 'Copying message(s)...';
$messages['copyingcontact'] = 'Copying contact(s)...';
$messages['deletingmessage'] = 'Deleting message(s)...';
$messages['markingmessage'] = 'Marking message(s)...';
$messages['addingmember'] = 'Adding contact(s) to the group...';
$messages['removingmember'] = 'Removing contact(s) from the group...';
$messages['receiptsent'] = 'Successfully sent a read receipt.';
$messages['errorsendingreceipt'] = 'Could not send the receipt.';
$messages['deleteidentityconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to delete this identity?';
$messages['nodeletelastidentity'] = 'You cannot delete this identity, it\'s your last one.';
$messages['forbiddencharacter'] = 'Folder name contains a forbidden character.';
$messages['selectimportfile'] = 'Please select a file to upload.';
$messages['addresswriterror'] = 'The selected address book is not writeable.';
$messages['contactaddedtogroup'] = 'Successfully added the contacts to this group.';
$messages['contactremovedfromgroup'] = 'Successfully removed contacts from this group.';
$messages['nogroupassignmentschanged'] = 'No group assignments changed.';
$messages['importwait'] = 'Importing, please wait...';
$messages['importerror'] = 'Import failed! The uploaded file is not a valid vCard file.';
$messages['importconfirm'] = '<b>Successfully imported $inserted contacts</b>';
$messages['importconfirmskipped'] = '<b>Skipped $skipped existing entries</b>';
$messages['opnotpermitted'] = 'Operation not permitted!';
$messages['nofromaddress'] = 'Missing e-mail address in selected identity.';
$messages['editorwarning'] = 'Switching to the plain text editor will cause all text formatting to be lost. Do you wish to continue?';
$messages['httpreceivedencrypterror'] = 'A fatal configuration error occurred. Contact your administrator immediately. <b>Your message can not be sent.</b>';
$messages['smtpconnerror'] = 'SMTP Error ($code): Connection to server failed.';
$messages['smtpautherror'] = 'SMTP Error ($code): Authentication failed.';
$messages['smtpfromerror'] = 'SMTP Error ($code): Failed to set sender "$from" ($msg).';
$messages['smtptoerror'] = 'SMTP Error ($code): Failed to add recipient "$to" ($msg).';
$messages['smtprecipientserror'] = 'SMTP Error: Unable to parse recipients list.';
$messages['smtperror'] = 'SMTP Error: $msg';
$messages['emailformaterror'] = 'Invalid e-mail address: $email';
$messages['toomanyrecipients'] = 'Too many recipients. Reduce the number of recipients to $max.';
$messages['maxgroupmembersreached'] = 'The number of group members exceeds the maximum of $max.';
$messages['internalerror'] = 'An internal error occured. Please try again.';
$messages['contactdelerror'] = 'Could not delete contact(s).';
$messages['contactdeleted'] = 'Contact(s) deleted successfully.';
$messages['contactrestoreerror'] = 'Could not restore deleted contact(s).';
$messages['contactrestored'] = 'Contact(s) restored successfully.';
$messages['groupdeleted'] = 'Group deleted successfully.';
$messages['grouprenamed'] = 'Group renamed successfully.';
$messages['groupcreated'] = 'Group created successfully.';
$messages['savedsearchdeleted'] = 'Saved search deleted successfully.';
$messages['savedsearchdeleteerror'] = 'Could not delete saved search.';
$messages['savedsearchcreated'] = 'Saved search created successfully.';
$messages['savedsearchcreateerror'] = 'Could not create saved search.';
$messages['messagedeleted'] = 'Message(s) deleted successfully.';
$messages['messagemoved'] = 'Message(s) moved successfully.';
$messages['messagecopied'] = 'Message(s) copied successfully.';
$messages['messagemarked'] = 'Message(s) marked successfully.';
$messages['autocompletechars'] = 'Enter at least $min characters for autocompletion.';
$messages['autocompletemore'] = 'More matching entries found. Please type more characters.';
$messages['namecannotbeempty'] = 'Name cannot be empty.';
$messages['nametoolong'] = 'Name is too long.';
$messages['folderupdated'] = 'Folder updated successfully.';
$messages['foldercreated'] = 'Folder created successfully.';
$messages['invalidimageformat'] = 'Not a valid image format.';
$messages['mispellingsfound'] = 'Spelling errors detected in the message.';
$messages['parentnotwritable'] = 'Unable to create/move folder into selected parent folder. No access rights.';
$messages['messagetoobig'] = 'The message part is too big to process it.';
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