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CHANGELOG RoundCube Webmail
- Specify toolbar container in compose template (#1486247)
- Fix $_SERVER['HTTPS'] check for SSL forcing on IIS (#1486243)
- Avoid unnecessary page loads for selected tab (#1486032)
- Fix quota indicator issues by content generation on client-size (#1486197, #1486220)
- Don't display disabled sections in Settings (#1486099)
- Added server-side e-mail address validation with 'email_dns_check' option (#1485857)
- Fix login page loading into an iframe when session expires (#1485952)
- Allow setting port number in 'force_https' option (#1486091)
- Option 'force_https' replaced by 'force_https' plugin
- Fix IE issue with non-UTF-8 characters in AJAX response (#1486159)
- Partially fixed "empty body" issue by showing raw body of malformed message (#1486166)
- Fix importing/sending to email address with whitespace (#1486214)
- Added XIMSS (CommuniGate) driver for Password plugin
- Fix newly attached files are not saved in drafts w/o editing any text (#1486202)
- Added attachment upload indicator with parallel upload (#1486058)
- Use default_charset for bodies of messages without charset definition (#1486187)
- Password: added cPanel driver
- Fix return to first page from e-mail screen (#1486105)
- Fix handling HTML comments in HTML messages (#1486189)
- Fix folder/messagelist controls alignment - icons used (#1486072)
- Fix LDAP addressbook shows 'Contact not found' error sometimes (#1486178)
- Fix cache status checking + improve cache operations performance (#1486104)
- Prevent from setting INBOX as any of special folders (#1486114)
- Fix regular expression for e-mail address (#1486152)
- Fix Received header format
- Implemented sorting by message index - added 'index_sort' option (#1485936)
- Fix dl() use in installer (#1486150)
- Added 'ldap_debug' option
- Fix "Empty startup greeting" bug (#1486085)
- Fix setting user name in 'new_user_identity' plugin (#1486137)
- Fix incorrect count of new messages in folder list when using multiple IMAP clients (#1485995)
- Fix all folders checking for new messages with disabled caching (#1486128)
- Support skins in 'archive' and 'markasjunk' plugins
- Added 'html_editor' hook (#1486068)
- Fix DB constraint violation when populating messages cache (#1486052)
- Password: added password strength options (#1486062)
- Fix LDAP partial result warning (#1485536)
- Fix delete in message view deletes permanently with flag_for_deletion=true (#1486101)
- Use faster/secure mt_rand() (#1486094)
- Fix roundcube hangs on empty inbox with bincimapd (#1486093)
- Fix wrong headers for IE on servers without $_SERVER['HTTPS'] (#1485926)
- Force IE style headers for attachments in non-HTTPS session, 'use_https' option (#1485655)
- Check 'post_max_size' for upload max filesize (#1486089)
- Password Plugin: Fix %d inserts username instead of domain (#1486088)
- Fix rcube_mdb2::affected_rows() (#1486082)
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