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-- RoundCube Webmail update script for SQLite databases
-- Updates from version 0.1-stable to 0.1.1
DROP TABLE messages;
CREATE TABLE messages (
message_id integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
user_id integer NOT NULL default '0',
del tinyint NOT NULL default '0',
cache_key varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
created datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
idx integer NOT NULL default '0',
uid integer NOT NULL default '0',
subject varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
"from" varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
"to" varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
"cc" varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
"date" datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
size integer NOT NULL default '0',
headers text NOT NULL,
structure text
CREATE INDEX ix_messages_user_cache_uid ON messages(user_id,cache_key,uid);
CREATE INDEX ix_users_username ON users(username);
CREATE INDEX ix_users_alias ON users(alias);
-- Updates from version 0.2-alpha
CREATE INDEX ix_messages_created ON messages (created);
-- Updates from version 0.2-beta
CREATE INDEX ix_session_changed ON session (changed);
CREATE INDEX ix_cache_created ON cache (created);
-- Updates from version 0.3-stable
TRUNCATE messages;
DROP INDEX ix_messages_user_cache_uid;
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ix_messages_user_cache_uid ON messages (user_id,cache_key,uid);
CREATE INDEX ix_messages_index ON messages (user_id,cache_key,idx);
DROP INDEX ix_contacts_user_id;
CREATE INDEX ix_contacts_user_id ON contacts(user_id, email);
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