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CHANGELOG Roundcube Webmail
- Fix bug where the last identity is used on reply (#1488101)
- Fix locked folder rename option on servers supporting RFC2086 only (#1488089)
- Fix encoding of LDAP contacts identifiers (#1488079)
- Fix session race conditions when composing new messages
- jQuery 1.6.4
- Fix handling of binary attachments encoded with quoted-printable (#1488065)
- Fix text-overflow:ellipsis issues on messages list in FF7 and Webkit (#1488061)
- Fix handling of links with IP address
- Fix bug where message list filter was reset on folder compacting (#1488076)
- jQuery 1.6.3
- Fallback to mail_domain in LDAP variable replacements; added 'host' to 'user_create' hook arguments (#1488024)
- Fixed wrong vCard type parameter mobile (#1488067)
- Fixed vCard WORKFAX issue (#1488046)
- Add vCard's Profile URL support (#1488062)
- Fix imap_cache setting to values other than 'db' (#1488060)
- Fix handling of attachments inside message/rfc822 parts (#1488026)
- Make list of mimetypes that open in preview window configurable (#1487625)
- Added plugin hook 'message_part_get' for attachment downloads
- Fixed selecting identity on reply/forward (#1487981)
- Fix image type check for contact photo uploads
RELEASE 0.6-beta
- Added unique connection identifier to IMAP debug messages
- Add option to hide selected LDAP addressbook on the list
- Add client-side checking of uploaded files size
- Add newlines between organization, department, jobtitle (#1488028)
- Recalculate date when replying to a message and localize the cite header (#1487675)
- Fix handling of email addresses with quoted local part (#1487939)
- Fix EOL character in vCard exports (#1487873)
- Added optional "multithreading" autocomplete feature
- Plugin API: Added 'config_get' hook
- Fixed new_user_identity plugin to work with updated rcube_ldap class (#1487994)
- Plugin API: added folder_delete and folder_rename hooks
- Added possibility to undo last contact delete operation
- Fix sorting of contact groups after group create (#1487747)
- Add optional textual upload progress indicator (#1486039)
- Fix parsing URLs containing commas (#1487970)
- Added vertical splitter for books/groups list in addressbook (#1487923)
- Improved namespace roots handling in folder manager
- Added searching in all addressbook sources
- Added addressbook source selection in contacts import
- Implement LDAPv3 Virtual List View (VLV) for paged results listing
- Use 'address_template' config option when adding a new address block (#1487944)
- Added addressbook advanced search
- Add popup with basic fields selection for addressbook search
- Case-insensitive matching in autocompletion (#1487933)
- Added option to force spellchecking before sending a message (#1485458)
- Fix handling of "<" character in contact data, search fields and folder names (#1487864)
- Fix saving "<" character in identity name and organization fields (#1487864)
- Added option to specify to which address book add new contacts
- Added plugin hook for keep-alive requests
- Store user preferences in session when write-master is not available and session is stored in memcache, write them later
- Improve performence of folder manager operations
- Fix default_port option handling in Installer when file exists (#1487925)
- Removed option focus_on_new_message, added newmail_notifier plugin
- Added general rcube_cache class with Memcache and APC support
- Improved caching performance by skipping writes of unchanged data
- Option enable_caching replaced by imap_cache and messages_cache options
- Fix WORKFAX saving in address book (#1487910)
- Add forward-as-attachment feature
- jQuery-1.6.2 (#1487913, #1487144)
- Improve display name composition when saving contacts (#1487143)
- Fix problems with subfolders of INBOX folder on some IMAP servers (#1487725)
- Fix handling of folders that doesn't belong to any namespace (#1487637)
- Enable multiselection for attachments uploading in capable browsers (#1485969)
- Add possibility to change HTML editor configuration by skin
- Fix a bug where selecting too many contacts would produce too large URI request (#1487892)
- Improve performance by including files with absolute path (#1487849)
- Move folder name truncation to client/skin (#1485412)
- Added plugin hook for request token creation
- Replace LDAP vars in group queries (#1487837)
- Fix vcard folding with uncode characters (#1487868)
- Keep all submitted data if contact form validation fails (#1487865)
- Handle uncode strings in rcube_addressbook::normalize_string() (#1487866)
- Fix handling of debug_level=4 in ajax requests (#1487831)
- Enable TinyMCE's contextmenu (#1487014)
- Allow multiple concurrent compose sessions
- New config option for custom logo
- Allow skins to define/override texts with <roundcube:label />
- Add simple ACL rights/namespace handling in folder manager
- Force IE to send referers (#1487806)
- Better display of vcard import results (#1485457)
- Improved vcard import
- Interactive update script with improved DB schema check
- Fix problem with contactgroupmembers table creation on MySQL 4.x, add index on contact_id column
- Add LDAP SASL bind and proxy authentication (#1486692)
- Replying to a sent message puts the old recipient as the new recipient (#1487074)
- Fulltext search over (almost) all data for contacts
- Extend address book with rich contact information
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