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CHANGELOG RoundCube Webmail
2006/08/04 (thomasb)
- Fixed Bug in saving identities (Ticket #1483915)
- Set folder name in window title (Bug #1483919)
- Don't add imap_root to INBOX path (Bug #1483816)
- Attempt to create default folders only after login
- Avoid usage of $CONFIG in rcube_imap class
2006/07/30 (thomasb)
- Alter links in HTML messages (Bug #1326402)
- Added fallback if host not found in 'mail_domain' array
- Applied patch of Charles to highlight droptargets (Ticket #1473034)
- Fixed folder renaming (Bug #1483914)
- Added confirmation message after deleting a folder
2006/07/25 (thomasb)
- Made folder renaming a bit more ajax-style
- Changed rename-labels and German translation
- Fixed addressbox countbar width (Bug #1483845)
- Fixed refresh interval problems in Safari (Bug #1483902)
- Fixed clear_message_list_header() errors (Bug #1483898)
- Sanity check of $message_set in (Bug #1443200)
- Added correct changing of message list headers for Sent folder
- Updated Spanish localization (Ticket #1483887)
- Applied patch #1483846
2006/07/24 (richs)
- Draft window no longer reloads. It saves to an iframe in the background instead (fixes bug #1483869)
- Draft timer now part of program/js/app.js instead of skins/default/templates/
- Draft saving now properly returns an error when saving fails
- Draft timer stops and resets properly when attachments are uploaded, or when saving manually
- Old compose session/attachments are now cleaned up when a new/forward/reply/draft is made/opened
2006/07/19 (thomasb)
- Correct entity encoding of link urls (HTML validity)
- Improved usability in compose step (Ticket #1483807)
- Added absolute URLs to several buttons (for "open in new window")
- Applied patch #1328032
- Fixed Bug/Patch #1443200
2006/07/18 (thomasb)
- Fixed password with spaces issue (Bug #1364122)
- Replaced _auth hash with second cookie (Ticket #1483811)
- Don't use get_input_value() for passwords (Bug #1468895)
- Made password encryption key configurable
- Minor bugfixes with charset encoding
- Added <label> tags to forms (Ticket #1483810)
2006/07/07 (thomasb)
- Fixed INSTALL_PATH bug #1425663
2006/07/03 (richs)
- Fixed compatibility with in-body email addresses containing "+" (Bug #1483836)
- Updated French localizations (Ticket #1483862)
- Incoming messages can now be moved to Drafts, edited, saved, then moved back (Feature #1436191)
- Added Firefox workaround when clicking whitespace to drag messages (Bug #1483857)
- Corrected Dutch and Italian localizations (Ticket #1483851 and #1483848)
- Enabled 'Empty' (purge) command for Junk mailbox (defined in
2006/06/30 (richs)
- Fixed empty INBOX compatibility bug (Patch #1443200)
- Temporarily fixed French "compact" localization (Patch #1483862)
- Fixed "Select All" not working with Delete interface button (Bug #1332434)
- Fixed messsage list column compatibility with Konqueror (Bug #1395711)
- Fixed "unread count" in window title when count changed (Bug #1483812)
- Fixed DB error when deleting from message table (Patch #1483835)
2006/06/29 (richs)
- Added ability to remove attachments (Feature #1436721)
- Default folders are now auto-created on first login (Feature #1471594)
- Fixed compatibility with folder apostrophes (e.g.: Joe's Folder) (Bug #1429458)
- Corrected Italian localizations
- Tweaked rename-folder form to clear after a rename
2006/06/26 (richs)
- Added button to immediately check for new messages
- New message checking now displays status "Checking for new messages..."
- New message checking now looks for unread messages in all mailboxes (Feature #1326401)
- Task buttons now respond to clicks by darkening (as in other applications)
- Fixed "Sender" column changing to "Recipient" for "Sent" and "Drafts" message lists
- Added ability to sort messages by "Size"
- Added ability to rename folders (Feature #1326396)
- Added 'protect_default_folders' option to to prevent renames/deletes/unsubscribes of default folders
- Corrected 5 typos of "INSTLL" to "INSTALL" in program/include/
- Changed behavior to include host-specific configuration (Bug #1483849)
- Assume ISO-8859-1 encoding of mail messages by default (Patch #1483839)
- Fixed spell checker to work with the new URL at
- Some memory and security optimizations
- Updated UGRADING description
- Added Drafts support (Feature #1326839) (richs)
- Updated Estonian localization and moved from ee to et
- Added Bulgarian localization
- Finalized GoogieSpell integration
- Added Arabic and Armenian localizations
- Updated Russian localization
- Removed MDB2 classes from repository. Install them seperately if used.
- Updated MDB2 wrapper class contributed by Lukas Kahwe Smith
- Allow & in e-mail addresses
- Fixed typos in function rcube_button() (Bugs #1473198 and #1473201)
- Check for zlib.output_compression before using ob_gzhandler (Bug #1471069)
- Casting date parts in iil_StrToTime() to avoid warnings (Bug #1482140)
- Corrected INSTALL description (Bug #1476106)
- Added charset to javascript HTTP headers
- Fixed Opera bug with CC and BCC fields (Bug #1474576)
- Changed login page title regarding product name (Bug #1476413)
- Pimped search function
- Applied attachment viewing/forwarding patches by Andrew Fladmark
- Applied prev/next patch by Leonard Bouchet
- Applied patches by Mark Bucciarelli
- Applied patch for requesting receipts by Salvatore Ansani
- Integrated GoogieSpell as suggested by phil (styling is not perfect yet, localization is missing)
- Added Slovenian localization
- Updated Portuguese localization
- Fixed parent.location problem for compose-links
- Added sort order saving patch by Jacob Brunson
- Added gzip compression support
- Added Lithuanian localization
- Improved search function
- Added version string as template object
- Load host-specific configuration file (see config/
- New config parameter adding domain to user names for login
- Strip tags on _auth, _action, _task parameters
- Corrected labels for next/previous page buttons in address book
- Auto-detect mail header delimiters
- Regard daylight savings
- Localized quota display
- Started implementing search function
- Avoid error message when saving an unchanged identity (Bug #1429510)
- Fixed hard-coded cols selection for sent folder (Bug #1354586)
- Enable some HTML links for use with "open in new window" or "save target"
- Check meta-key instead of ctrl on Macs
- Ignore double clicks when holding down a modifier key
- Fixed reloading of the login page
- Fixed typo in compose template (Bug #1446852)
- Added compose button to message read step (Request #1433288)
- New config parameter for persistent database connections (Bug #1431817)
- Don't remove internal HTML tags in plaintext messages
- Improved error handling in DB connection failure
- Updated localizations
- Fixed bug #1435989
- Updated localizations
- Applied patch of Anders Karlsson
- Applied patch of Jacob Brunson
- Applied patch for virtuser_query by Robin Elfrink
- Added support for References header (patch by Auke)
- Added support for mbstring module by Tadashi Jokagi
- Added function for automatic remove of slashes on GET and POST vars
if magic_quotes is enabled
- Added Slovak, Hungarian, Bosnian and Croation translation
- Fixed bug when inserting signatures with !?&
- Chopping message headers before inserting into the message cache table
(to avoid bugs in Postgres)
- Allow one-char domains in e-mail addresses
- Make product name in page title configurable
- Make username available as skin object
- Added session_write_close() in rcube_db class destructor to avoid problems
in PHP 5.0.5
- Use move_uploaded_file() instead of copy() for a more secure handling of
uploaded attachments
- Additional config parameter to show/hide deleted messages
- Added periodic request for checking new mails (Request #1307821)
- Added EXPUNGE command
- Optimized loading time for mail interface
- Changed to full UTF-8 support
- Additional timezones (Patch #1389912)
- Added LDAP public search (experimental)
- Applied patch for correct ctrl/shift behavior for message selection (Bug #1326364)
- Casting to strings when adding empty headers to message cache (Bug #1406026)
- Skip sender-address as recipient when Reply-to-all
- Fixes in utf8-class
- Added patch for Quota display by Aury Fink Filho <>
- Added garbage collector for message cache
- Added patches for BCC headers
- Added Turkish and Simplified Chinese translation
- Use virtusertable to resolve e-mail addresses at login
- Configurable mail_domain used to compose correct e-mail addresses
on first login
- Added Finnish, Romanian, Polish, Czech, British, Norwegian, Greek, Russian,
Estonian and Chinese translation
- Get IMAP server capabilities in array
- Check for NAMESPACE capability before sending command
- Set default user language from config 'locale_string'
- Added sorting patch for message list
- Make default sort col/order configurable
- Fixed XSS in address book and identities
- Added more XSS protection (Bug #1308236)
- Added tab indexes for compose form
- Added 'changed' col to contacts table
- Support for 160-bit session hashes
- Added input check for contacts and identities (Patch #1346523)
- Added messages/warning to compose step (Patch #1323895)
- Added favicon to the default skin
- Fixed Bug #1334337 as far as possible
- Added Reply-To-All functionality (Request #1326395, Patch #1349777)
- Redesign of client side AJAX code (enable multi threading)
- Added keep-alive signal every minute
- Make logs dir configurable
- Added support for SMTPS
- Decode attachment file names
- Make delimiter for message headers configurable
- Add generic footer to sent messages
- Choose the rigt identity when replying
- Remove signature when replying (Request #1333167)
- Signatures for each identity
- Select charset when composing message
- Complete re-design of the caching mechanism
- Write list header to client even if list is empty
- Add functions "select all", "select none" to message list
- Improved filter for HTML messages to remove potentially malicious tags
(script, iframe, object) and event handlers.
- Buttons for next/previous message in view mode
- Add new created contact to list and show confirmation status
- Added folder management (subscribe/create/delete)
- Log message sending (SMTP log)
- Grant access for Camino browser
- Added German translation
- Added Swedish, Latvian, Portuguese and Catalan translation
- Make SMTP auth method configurable
- Make mailboxlist scrollable (Bug #1326372)
- Fixed SSL support
- Improved support for Courier IMAP (root folder and delimiter issues)
- Moved taskbar from bottom to top
- Added 'session_lifetime' parameter
- Fixed wrong unread count when deleting message (Bug #1332434)
- Srip tags when creating a new folder (Bug #1332084)
- Translate HTML tags in message headers (Bug #1330134)
- Correction in German translation (Bug #1329434)
- Display folder names with special chars correctly (Bug #1330157)
- Added French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch translation
- Clarified license (Bug #1305966)
- Fixed PHP warnings (Bug #1299403)
- Fixed english translation (Bug #1295406)
- Fixed bug #1290833: Last character of email not seen
- Fixed bug #1292199 when creating new user
- Allow more browsers (Bug #1285101)
- Added setting for showing pretty dates
- Added support for SQLite database
- Make use of message caching configurable
- Also add attachments when forwarding a message
- Long folder names will not flow over message list (Bug #1267232)
- Show nested mailboxes hieracically
- Enable IMAPS by host
- Improved cacheing of mailbox messagecount
- Fixed javascript bug when creating a new message folder
- Fixed javascript bugs #1260990 and #1260992: folder selection
- Make Trash folder configurable
- Auto create folders Inbox, Sent and Trash (if configured)
- Support for IMAP root folder
- Added support fot text/enriched messages
- Make list of special mailboxes configurable
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