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CHANGELOG RoundCube Webmail
- Using jQuery for client scripting
- Implemented Plugin API (#1326399)
- Moved some core functionality (temp file storage) into plugins
- Fix Answered/Forwarded flag setting for messages in subfolders
- Fix autocomplete problem with capital letters (#1485792)
- Support UUencode content encoding (#1485839)
- Minimize chance of race condition in session handling (#1485659, #1484678)
- Fix session handling on non-session SQL query error (#1485734)
- Fix html editor mode setting when reopening draft message (#1485834)
- Added quick search box menu (#1484304)
- Fix wrong column sort order icons (#1485823)
- Updated TinyMCE to 3.2.3 version
- Fix attachment names encoding when charset isn't specified in attachment part (#1484969)
- Fix message normal priority problem (#1485820)
- Fix autocomplete spinning wheel does not disappear (#1485804)
- Added log_date_format option (#1485709)
- Fix text wrapping in HTML editor after switching from plain text to HTML (#1485521)
- Fix auto-complete function hangs with plus sign (#1485815)
- Fix AJAX requests errors handler (#1485000)
- Fix read/write database recognition (#1485811)
- Added possibility to encrypt received header, option 'http_received_header_encrypt',
added some more logic in encrypt/decrypt functions for security
- Fix quicksearchbox look in Chrome and Konqueror (#1484841)
- Fix UTF-8 byte-order mark removing (#1485514)
- Fix folders subscribtions on Konqueror (#1484841)
- Fix debug console on Konqueror and Safari
- Fix messagelist focus issue when modifying status of selected messages (#1485807)
- Support STARTTLS in IMAP connection (#1485284)
- Fix DEL key problem in search boxes (#1485528)
- Support several e-mail addresses per user from virtuser_file (#1485678)
- Fix drag&drop with scrolling on IE (#1485786)
- Fix adding signature separator in html mode (#1485350)
- Fix opening attachment marks message as read (#1485803)
- Fix 'temp_dir' does not support relative path under Windows (#1484529)
- Fix "Initialize Database" button missing from installer (#1485802)
- Fix compose window doesn't fit 1024x768 window (#1485396)
- Fix service not available error when pressing back from compose dialog (#1485552)
- Fix using mail() on Windows (#1485779)
- Fix word wrapping in message-part's <PRE>s for printing (#1485787)
- Fix incorrect word wrapping in outgoing plaintext multibyte messages (#1485714)
- Fix double footer in HTML message with embedded images
- Fix TNEF implementation bug (#1485773)
- Fix incorrect row id parsing for LDAP contacts list (#1485784)
- Fix 'mode' parameter in sqlite DSN (#1485772)
- Use US-ASCII as failover when Unicode searching fails (#1485762)
- Fix errors handling in IMAP command continuations (#1485762)
- Fix FETCH result parsing for servers returning flags at the end of result (#1485763)
- Fix datetime columns defaults in mysql's DDL (#1485641)
- Fix attaching more than nine inline images (#1485759)
- Support 'UNICODE-1-1-UTF-7' alias for UTF-7 encoding (#1485758)
- Fix mime-type detection using a hard-coded map (#1485311)
- Don't return empty string if charset conversion failed (#1485757)
- Disable concurrent autocomplete query results display (#1485743)
- Fix new lines stripped from message footer (#1485751)
- Fix IE problem with mouse click autocomplete (#1485739)
- Fix html body washing on reply/forward + fix attachments handling (#1485676)
- Fix multiple recipients input parsing (#1485733)
- Fix replying to message with html attachment (#1485676)
- Use default_charset for messages without specified charset (#1485661, #1484961)
- Support non-standard "GMT-XXXX" literal in date header (#1485729)
- Added TNEF support to decode MS Outlook attachments (winmail.dat)
- Fix "value continuation" MIME headers by adding required semicolon (#1485727)
- Fix pressing select all/unread multiple times (#1485723)
- Fix selecting all unread does not honor new messages (#1485724)
- Fix some base64 encoded attachments handling (#1485725)
- Support NGINX as IMAP backend: better BAD response handling (#1485720)
- Performance fix: don't fetch attachment parts headers twice to parse filename
- Fix checking for recent messages on various IMAP servers (#1485702)
- Performance fix: Don't fetch quota and recent messages in "message view" mode
- Fix displaying of alternative-inside-alternative messages (#1485713)
- Fix MDNSent flag checking, use arbitrary keywords (asterisk) flag (#1485706)
- Fix creation of folders with '&' sign in name
- Fix parsing of email addresses without angle brackets (#1485693)
- Save spellcheck corrections when switching from plain to html editor (and spellchecking is on)
- Fix large search results on server without SORT capability (#1485668)
- Get rid of preg_replace() with eval modifier and create_function usage (#1485686)
- Bring back <base> and <link> tags in HTML messages
- Fix XSS vulnerability through background attributes as reported by Julien Cayssol
- Fix problems with backslash as IMAP hierarchy delimiter (#1484467)
- Secure vcard export by getting rid of preg's 'e' modifier use (#1485689)
- Fix authentication when submitting form with existing session (#1485679)
- Allow absolute URLs to images in HTML messages/sigs (#1485666)
- Fix message body which contains both inline attachments and emotions
- Fix SQL query execution errors handling in rcube_mdb2 class (#1485509)
- Fix address names with '@' sign handling (#1485654)
- Improve messages display performance
- Fix messages searching with 'to:' modifier
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