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CHANGELOG Roundcube Webmail
- Add sizelimit and timelimit variables in LDAP config (#1486544)
- Hide IMAP host dropdown when single host is defined (#1486326)
- Add images pre-loading on login page (#1451160)
- Add HTTP_X_REAL_IP and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR to successful logins log (#1486441)
- Fix setting spellcheck languages with extended codes (#1486605)
- Fix messages list scrolling in FF3.6 (#1486472)
- Fix quicksearch input focus (#1486637)
- Always set changed date when flagging a DB record as deleted + provide a cleanup script
- Fix address book/group selection (#1486619)
- Assign newly created contacts to the active group (#1486626)
- Added option not to mark messages as read when viewed in preview pane (#1485012)
- Allow plugins modify the Sent folder when composing (#1486548)
- Added optional (max_recipients) support to restrict total number of recipients per message (#1484542)
- Re-organize editor buttons, add blockquote and search buttons
- Make possible to write inside or after a quoted html message (#1485476)
- Fix bugs on unexpected IMAP connection close (#1486190, #1486270)
- Iloha's rewritten into rcube_imap_generic class
- Added contact groups in address book (not finished yet)
- Added PageUp/PageDown/Home/End keys support on lists (#1486430)
- Added possibility to select all messages in a folder (#1484756)
- Added 'imap_force_caps' option for after-login CAPABILITY checking (#1485750)
- Password: Support dovecotpw encryption
- TinyMCE 3.3.1
- Implemented messages copying using drag&drop + SHIFT (#1484086)
- Improved performance of folders operations (#1486525)
- Fix blocked.gif attachment is not attached to the message (#1486516)
- Managesieve: import from Horde-INGO
- Managesieve: support for more than one match (#1486078)
- Managesieve: support for selectively disabling rules within a single sieve script (#1485882)
- Threaded message listing now available
- Added sorting by ARRIVAL and CC
- Message list columns configurable by the user
- Removed 'index_sort' option, now we're using empty 'message_sort_col' for this
- virtuser_query: support other identity data (#1486148)
- Options virtuser_* replaced with virtuser_* plugins
- Plugin API: Implemented 'email2user' and 'user2email' hooks
- Fix forwarding message omits CC header (#1486305)
- Add 'default_charset' option to user preferences (#1485451)
- Add 'delete_always' option to user preferences
- Support/Require tls:// prefix in 'smtp_server' option for TLS connections
- Fix inconsistent behaviour of 'delete_always' option (#1486299)
- Fix deleting all messages from last list page (#1486293)
- Flag original messages when sending a draft (#1486203)
- Changed signature separator when top-posting (#1486330)
- Let the admin define defaults for search modifiers (#1485897)
- Fix long e-mail addresses validation (#1486453)
- Remember search modifiers in user prefs (#1486146)
- Added force_7bit option to force MIME encoding of plain/text messages (#1486510)
- Use case sensitive check when checking for default folders (#1486346)
- Fix checking for new mail: now checks unseen count of inbox (#1485794)
- Improve performance by avoiding unnecessary updates to the session table (#1486325)
- Fix invalid <font> tags which cause HTML message rendering problems (#1486521)
- Fix CVE-2010-0464: Disable DNS prefetching (#1486449)
- Fix Received headers to behave better with SpamAssassin (#1486513)
- Password: Make passwords encoding consistent with core, add 'password_charset' global option (#1486473)
- Fix adding contacts SQL error on mysql (#1486459)
- Squirrelmail_usercopy: support reply-to field (#1486506)
- Fix IE spellcheck suggestion popup issue (#1486471)
- Fix email address auto-completion shows regexp pattern (#1486258)
- Fix merging of configuration parameters: user prefs always survive (#1486368)
- Fix quota indicator value after folder purge/expunge (#1486488)
- Fix external mailto links support for use as protocol handler (#1486037)
- Fix attachment excessive memory use, support messages of any size (#1484660)
- Fix setting task name according to auth state
- Password: fix vpopmaild driver (#1486478)
- Add workaround for MySQL bug [] (#1486474)
- Fix quoted text wrapping when replying to an HTML email in plain text (#1484141)
- Fix handling of extended mailto links (with params) (#1486354)
- Fix sorting by date of messages without date header on servers without SORT (#1486286)
- Fix inconsistency when not using default table names (#1486467)
- Fix folder rename/delete buttons do not appear on creation of first folder (#1486468)
- Fix character set conversion fails on systems where iconv doesn't accept //IGNORE (#1486375)
- Log in performance: Create default folders on first login only
- Import contacts into the selected address book (by Phil Weir)
- Add support for MDB2's 'sqlsrv' driver (#1486395)
- Use jQuery-1.4
- Removed problematic browser-caching of messages
- Fix incompatybility with suhosin.executor.disable_emodifier (#1486321)
- Use PLAIN auth when CRAM fails and imap_auth_type='check' (#1486371)
- Fix removal of <title> tag from HTML messages (#1486432)
- Fix 'force_https' to specified port when URL contains a port number (#1486411)
- Fix to-text converting of HTML entities inside b/strong/th/hX tags (#1486422)
- Bug in spellchecker suggestions when server charset != UTF8 (#1486406)
- Managesieve: Fix requires generation for multiple actions (#1486397)
- Fix LDAP problem with special characters in RDN (#1486320)
- Improved handling of message parts of type message/rfc822
- Plugin API: added 'quota' hook
- Fix parsing conditional comments in HTML messages (#1486350)
- Use built-in json_encode() for proper JSON format in AJAX replies
- Allow setting only selected params in 'message_compose' hook (#1486312)
- Plugin API: added 'message_compose_body' hook (#1486285)
- Fix counters of all folders are checked in 'getunread' action with check_all_folders disabled (#1486128)
- Fix displaying alternative parts in messages of type message/rfc822 (#1486246)
- Fix possible messages exposure when using Roundcube behind a proxy (#1486281)
- Fix unicode para and line separators in javascript response (#1486310)
- Additional_message_headers: allow unsetting headers, support plugin's config file (#1486268)
- Fix displaying of hidden directories in skins list (#1486301)
- Fix open_basedir restriction error when reading skins list (#1486304)
- Fix pasting from Office apps into html editor (#1486271)
- Fix empty <a> tags parsing (#1486272)
- Don't cut off attachment names when using non-RFC2231 encoding (#1485515)
- Allow inserting signatures above replied message body (#1484272)
- Managesieve 2.0: multi-script support
- Fix imap_auth_type regression (#1486263)
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