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CHANGELOG Roundcube Webmail
- Fix handling of backslash as IMAP delimiter
- Fix charset replacement in HTML message bodies (#1487021)
- Fix: contact group input is empty when using rename action more than once on the same group record
- Fix "Server Error! (Not Found)" when using utils/save-pref action (#1487023)
- Fix handling of Thunderbird's vCards (#1487024)
- Fix space-stuffing in format=flowed messages (#1487018)
- Fix now using the new imap wrapper
- Avoid displaying password on shell (#1486947)
- Only lower-case user name if first login attempt failed (#1486393)
- Make alias setting in squirrelmail_usercopy plugin configurable (patch by pommi, #1487007)
- Prevent from saving a non-existing skin path in user prefs (#1486936)
- Improve handling of single-part messages with bogus BODYSTRUCTURE (#1486898)
- Fix path to SQL files when using pgsql/mysqli/sqlsrv drivers (#1486902)
- Fix upgrade script for SQLite (#1486903)
- Fixes in SQL init script + added update script for MSSQL database
- Remove redundant date in syslog messages (#1486945)
- Fix contacts list page controls when a group is selected (#1486946)
- Fix SMTP test in Installer (#1486952)
- Fix "Select all" causes message to be opened in folder with exactly one message (#1486913)
- Fix Tab key doesn't work in HTML editor in Google Chrome (#1486925)
- Fix TinyMCE uses zh_CN when zh_TW locale is set (#1486929)
- Fix TinyMCE buttons are hidden in Opera (#1486922)
- Fix JS error on IE when trying to send HTML message with enabled spellchecker (#1486940)
- Display inline images with known extensions and non-image content-type (#1486934)
- Fix "Threaded" checkbox after subfolder creation (#1486928)
- Fix timezone string in sent mail (#1486961)
- Show disabled checkboxes for protected folders instead of dots (#1485498)
- Added fieldsets in Identity form, added 'identity_form' hook
- Re-added 'Close' button in upload form (#1486930, #1486823)
- Fix handling of charsets with LATIN-* label
- Fix messages background image handling in some cases (#1486990)
- Fix format=flowed handling (#1486989)
- Fix when IMAP connection fails in 'get' action session shouldn't be destroyed (#1486995)
- Fix list_cols is not updated after column dragging (#1486999)
- Support %z variable in host configuration options (#1487003)
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