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UPGRADING instructions
Follow these instructions if upgrading from a previous version
of Roundcube Webmail. We recommend to carefully backup the existing
installation as well as the database before executig the following steps.
1. Replace index.php and all files in
- ./bin/
- ./SQL/
- ./program/
- ./installer/
- ./skins/default/
- ./plugins/
2. Run ./bin/ from the commandline OR
open http://url-to-roundcube/installer/ in a browser and choose "3 Test config".
To enable the latter one, you have to temporary set 'enable_installer' to true
in your local config/ file.
3. Let the update script/installer check your configuration and
update your config files as suggested by the updater.
4. If suggested by the update script, run all commands in
./SQL/[yourdbtype].update.sql that are superscribed with the
currently installed version number.
5. Make sure 'enable_installer' is set to false again.
6. Check .htaccess settings (some php settings could become required)
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