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CHANGELOG Roundcube Webmail
- Plugin API: Add 'pass' argument in 'authenticate' hook (#1487134)
- Fix attachments of type message/rfc822 are not listed on attachments list
- Add 'login_lc' config option for case-insensitive authentication (#1487113)
- Fix window is blur'ed in IE when selecting a message (#1487316)
- Fix cursor position on compose form in Webkit browsers (#1486674)
- Fix setting charset of attachment filenames (#1487122)
- Allow setting autocomplete attribute for all inputs separately (#1487313)
- New Folder Manager UI
- Fix invalid Request when creating a folder (#1487443)
- Add folder size and quota indicator in folder manager (#1485780)
- Add possibility to move a subfolder into root folder (#1486791)
- Fix copying all messages in a folder copies only messages from current page
- Improve performance of moving or copying of all messages in a folder
- Fix plaintext versions of HTML messages don't contain placeholders for emotions (#1485206)
- Improve performance of folder rename and delete actions
- Better support for READ-ONLY and NOPERM responses handling (#1487083)
- Add confirmation message on purge/expunge command response
- Fix handling of untagged responses for AUTHENTICATE command (#1487450)
- Add username and IP address to log message on unsuccessful login (#1487626)
- Improved Mail-Followup-To and Mail-Reply-To headers handling
- Fix charset conversion for text attachments without charset specification (#1487634)
- Make session data storage more robust against garbage session data (#1487136)
- Config option for autocomplete on login screen
- Allow plugin templates to include local files (#1487133)
- List groups in address detail view and allow to subscribe/unsubscribe from there (#1486753)
- Messages caching: performance improvements, fixed syncing, fixes related with #1486748
- Add link to identities in compose window (#1486729)
- Add Internationalized Domain Name (IDNA) support (#1483894)
- Add option to automatically send read notifications for known senders (#1485883)
- Add option to "Return receipt" will be always checked (#1486352)
- Fix HTML to plain text conversion doesn't handle citation blocks (#1486921)
- Use custom sorting when SORT is disabled by IMAP admin (#1486959)
- Allow setting some washtml options from plugin (#1486578)
- Add option do bind for an individual LDAP address book (#1486997)
- Change reply prefix to display email address only if sender name doesn't exist (#1486550)
- Plugin API: improved 'abort' flag handling, added 'result' item in some hooks (#1486914)
- Fix mailto optional params in plain text messages aren't handled (#1487026)
- Add Reply-to-List feature (#1484252)
- Add Mail-Followup-To/Mail-Reply-To support (#1485547)
- Fix confirmation message isn't displayed after sending mail on Chrome (#1486177)
- Fix keyboard doesn't work with autocomplete list with Chrome (#1487029)
- Improve tabs to fixed width and add tabs in identities info (#1486974)
- Add unique index on users.username+users.mail_host
- Make htmleditor option more consistent and add option to use HTML on reply to HTML message (#1485840)
- Use empty envelope sender address for message disposition notifications (RFC 2298.3)
- Support SMTP Delivery Status Notifications - RFC 3461 (#1486142)
- Use css sprite image for messages list
- Add (different) attachment icon for messages of type multipart/report (#1486165)
- Prevent from inserting empty link when composing HTML message (#1486944)
- Add caching support in id2uid and uid2id functions (#1487019)
- Add SASL proxy authentication for SMTP (#1486693)
- Improve displaying of UI messages (#1486977)
- Fix double e-mail filed in identity form (#1487054)
- Display IMAP errors for LIST/THREAD/SEARCH commands (#1486905)
- Add LITERAL+ (IMAP4 non-synchronizing literals) support (RFC 2088)
- Add separate column for message status icon (#1486665)
- Add ACL extension support into IMAP classes (RFC 4314)
- Add ANNOTATEMORE extension support into IMAP classes (draft-daboo-imap-annotatemore)
- Add METADATA extension support into IMAP classes (RFC 5464)
- Fix decoding of e-mail address strings in message headers (#1487068)
- Fix handling of attachments when Content-Disposition is not inline nor attachment (#1487051)
- Improve performance of unseen messages counting (#1487058)
- Improve performance of messages counting using ESEARCH extension (RFC4731)
- Add LIST-STATUS support in rcube_imap_generic class (RFC 5819)
- Add SASL-IR support in IMAP (RFC 4959)
- Add LOGINDISABLED support (RFC 2595)
- Add support for AUTH=PLAIN in IMAP authentication
- Re-implemented SMTP proxy authentication support
- Add support for IMAP proxy authentication (#1486690)
- Add support for AUTH=DIGEST-MD5 in IMAP (RFC 2831)
- Fix parent folder with unread subfolder not bold when message is open (#1487078)
- Add basic IMAP LIST's \Noselect option support
- Add support for selection options from LIST-EXTENDED extension (RFC 5258)
- Don't list subscribed but non-existent folders (#1486225)
- Fix handling of URLs with tilde (~) or semicolon (;) character (#1487087, #1487088)
- Plugin API: added 'contact_form' hook
- Add SORT=DISPLAY support (RFC 5957)
- Plugin API: add possibility to disable plugin in AJAX mode, 'noajax' property
- Plugin API: add possibility to disable plugin in framed mode, 'noframe' property
- Improve performance of setting IMAP flags using .SILENT suffix
- Improve performance of message cache status checking with skip_disabled=true
- Support contact's email addresses up to 255 characters long (#1487095)
- Add option to place replies in the folder of the message being replied to (#1485945)
- Add missing confirmation/error messages on contact/group/message actions (#1486845)
- Add 'loading' message on message move/copy/delete/mark actions
- Improve responsiveness of messages displaying (#1486986)
- Add option for minimum length of autocomplete's string (#1486428)
- Fix operations on messages in unsubscribed folder (#1487107)
- Add support for shared folders (#1403507)
- Fix handling of folders with name "0" (#1487119)
- Fix handling of folders with "<>" characters in name
- jQuery 1.4.4
- Fix handling of HTML entity strings in plain text messages
- Fix focused elements aren't unfocused when clicking on the list (#1487123)
- Fix error in MSSQL DDL scripts (#1487112)
- Lock submit button in onsubmit event on login page (#1487036)
- Don't set attachment's charset in Content-type header (#1487122)
- Fix handling of message bodies (quoted-printable encoded) with NULL characters (#1486189)
- Add workaround for MSOE's multipart/related messages with non-related attachments
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