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CHANGELOG Roundcube Webmail
- Fix handling of HTML form elements in messages (#1485137)
- Fix regression in setting recipient to self when replying to a Sent message (#1487074)
- Fix listing of folders in hidden namespaces (#1486796)
- Don't consider \Noselect flag when building folders tree (#1488004)
- Fix sorting autocomplete results (#1488084)
- Add option to set session name (#1486433)
- Add option to skip alternative email addresses in autocompletion
- Fix inconsistent behaviour of Compose button in Drafts folder, add Edit button for drafts
- Fix problem with parsing HTML message body with non-unicode characters (#1487813)
- Add option to define matching method for addressbook search (#1486564, #1487907)
- Make email recipients separator configurable
- Fix so folders with \Noinferiors attribute aren't listed in parent selector
- Fix handling of curly brackets in URLs (#1488168)
- Fix handling of dates (birthday/anniversary) in contact data (#1488147)
- Fix error on opening searched LDAP contact (#1488144)
- Fix redundant line break in flowed format (#1488146)
- Fix IDN address validation issue (#1488137)
- Fix JS error when dst_active checkbox doesn't exist (#1488133)
- Autocomplete LDAP records when adding contacts from mail (#1488073)
- Plugin API: added 'ready' hook (#1488063)
- Ignore DSN request when it isn't supported by SMTP server (#1487800)
- Make sure LDAP name fields aren't arrays (#1488108)
- Fixed imap test to non-default port when using ssl (#1488118)
- Force all files to be overwritten when updating (#1488117)
- Fix issue where it wasn't possible to change list view mode in folder manager for INBOX (#1488107)
- Fix namespace handling in special folders settings (#1488112)
- Disable time limit for CLI scripts (#1488109)
- Fix misleading display when chaning editor type (#1488104)
- Add loading indicator on contact delete
- Fix bug where after delete message rows can be added to the list of another folder (#1487752)
- Add notice on autocompletion that not all records were displayed
- Add option 'searchonly' for LDAP address books
- Add Priority filter to the messages list
- Cache synchronization using QRESYNC/CONDSTORE
- Trigger 'new_messages' hook for all checked folders (#1488083)
- Make date/time format user configurable; drop 'date_today' config option
- Fix setting title for truncated subject in IE (#1487128)
- Fix displaying multipart/alternative messages with only one part (#1487938)
- Rewritten messages caching:
Indexes are stored in a separate table, so there's no need to store all messages in a folder
Added threads data caching
Flags are stored separately, so flag change doesn't cause DELETE+INSERT, just UPDATE
- Improved FETCH response handling
- Improvements in response tokenization method
- Use 'From' and 'To' labels instead of 'Sender' and 'Recipient'
- Fix username case-insensitivity issue in MySQL (#1488021)
- Addressbook Saved Searches
- Added spellchecker exceptions dictionary (shared or per-user)
- Added possibility to ignore words containing caps, numbers, symbols (spellcheck_ignore_* options)
- Added 'priority' column on messages list (#1486782)
- Localize forwarded message header (#1488058)
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