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Mention SQLite database format change in UPGRADING file (#1488983)

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CHANGELOG Roundcube Webmail
+- Mention SQLite database format change in UPGRADING file (#1488983)
- Increase maxlength to 254 chars for email input fields in addressbook (#1488987)
- Add attachment menu with Open and Download options (#1488975)
- Fix thumbnail size when GD extension is used for image resize (#1488985)
@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ it on a unix system, you need to do the following operations by hand:
open http://url-to-roundcube/installer/ in a browser and choose "3 Test config".
To enable the latter one, you have to temporary set 'enable_installer'
to true in your local config/ file.
+ WARNING: See SQLite database upgrade below.
4. Let the update script/installer check your configuration and
update your config files and database schema as suggested by the updater.
5. Make sure 'enable_installer' is set to false again.
@@ -54,3 +55,11 @@ Post-Upgrade Activities
your folder settings contain namespace prefix. For example Courier users
should add INBOX. prefix to folder names in main configuration file.
4. Check system requirements in INSTALL file.
+SQLite database upgrade
+Versions older than 0.9 were supporting SQLite v2 only. Newer versions require
+database in v3 format. The best what you can do is to convert database file
+to the new format using command line tools:
+sqlite OLD.DB .dump | sqlite3 NEW.DB

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