Two possible minor bugs in rcube_mime::wordwrap() #4356

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Reported by encomiast on 11 Oct 2013 22:16 UTC as Trac ticket #1489371

Hi there,

As far as I can tell, there may be two glitches in rcube_mime::wordwrap().

A message consisting of only one very long line (i.e. with no linebreaks) will not be wrapped at all if there are no blank spaces before the $width limit, but only behind it.

this-is-just-some-blabla-to-make-this-more-than-seventy-five-characters-in-a-row -- this message has no line breaks and will not be wrapped.

The result from mb_substr() is compared to false, but contrary to substr(), mb_substr() never returns false.
Because of this, a trailing whitespace or linebreak at the end of the last line might get dropped inadvertently.



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Fixed in 0f15219.

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