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Reported by nabil9 on 10 Sep 2006 21:44 UTC as Trac ticket #1484013

I request to have the calendar function to let user easy to keep track of al life's important events birthdays, reunions, little league games, doctor's appointments and etc.

Keywords: Calendar, Kalender


Comment by @thomascube on 11 Sep 2006 09:19 UTC

RoundCube is supposed to be an e-mail client and not a complete office solution. A calendar could be implemented once the plugin-API is ready.


Milestone changed by @thomascube on 11 Sep 2006 09:19 UTC

0.1-rc1 => later


Comment by mtu on 11 Sep 2006 13:14 UTC

I agree. There shouldn't be a calendar in the standard version. A plugin for that would be cool, though.


Comment by Slug on 29 May 2007 15:31 UTC

Once a calendar feature is added to Roundcube, I would like to see the ability to synchronize with say lightning/sunbird for example.


Comment by krkeegan on 18 Jun 2007 23:43 UTC

I agree it would be very cool.

I think syncing with thunderbird using Kolab would be ideal, then you could also add the syncing of your address book too.



Comment by richardm on 8 May 2008 16:32 UTC

Not only syncing the calendars, but making them global so other users can add them. That would be used for offices, that use shared calendars. I could sure use it



Comment by AsgrimTheMighty on 13 Jan 2009 12:20 UTC

I'd like to see a calendar plug-in that syncs with Google Calendar.


Comment by lacri on 3 Jul 2009 12:31 UTC

Request bump it up

some webmailer horde, squirrelmail, zimbra ... has a Calendar
and the Calendar should not be missing on the best Webmailer.

my vote for a Calendar PlugIn => is a important must have feature.

Calendar should be support
-link to mails for a date (search)
-month view
-week view
-day view
-link to future advance adressbook with birthdays


Keywords changed by lacri on 3 Jul 2009 12:31 UTC

Calendar, Kalender


Comment by duelli on 14 Jan 2010 15:02 UTC

A plugin has been written for RoundCube to support webcalendar (


So, basically this bug can be closed.


Comment by Lazlo on 23 Jan 2010 19:33 UTC

I am writing a Calendar plugin based on jQuery weekCalendar:


Comment by @alecpl on 1 Aug 2010 09:01 UTC

Plugin exists.


Status changed by @alecpl on 1 Aug 2010 09:01 UTC

new => closed

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