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Roundcube Webmail 1.3.2

This is the second service release to update the stable version 1.3.
It contains fixes to several bugs reported by our dear community members as well as translation updates synchronized from Transifex.

We also changed the wording for the setting that controls the time after which an opened message is marked as read. This was previously only affecting messages being viewed in the preview panel but now applies to all means of opening a message. That change came with 1.3.0 an apparently confused many users. Some translation work is still needed here.

This version considered stable and we recommend to update all productive installations of Roundcube with it. Please do backup your data before updating!


  • Improve detection for Egde browser and add pointer event support (#5922)
  • Fix bug where pink image was used instead of a thumbnail when image resize fails (#5933)
  • Fix so files size/count limit is verified (client-side) also on drag-n-drop uploads (#5940)
  • Fix invalid template loading on a message error in preview frame (#5941)
  • Fix bug where HTML messages could have been rendered empty on some systems (#5957)
  • Fix wording of "Mark previewed messages as read" to "Mark messages as read" (#5952)
  • Enigma: Fix decryption of messages encoded with non-ascii charset (#5962)
  • Fix missing cursor in HTML editor on mail reply (#5969)
  • Fix (again) bug where image data URIs in css style were treated as evil/remote in mail preview (#5580)
  • Fix bug where mail search could return empty result on servers without SORT capability (#5973)
  • Fix bug where assets_path wasn't added to some watermark frames
  • Fix so untagged COPYUID responses are also supported according to RFC6851 (#5982)
  • Fix issue caused by non-default session.cookie_lifetime setting (#5961)
  • Fix Edge encoding bug when pasting text into the HTML editor, update to TinyMCE 4.5.8 (#5885)
  • Fix handling of unknown Content-Disposition type (#6002)
  • Fix truncated folder name on messages list in multi-folder mode, for folders with non-ascii characters (#6004)
  • Fix bug where removing the last subfolder did not hide toggle button on its parent record (#6007)
  • Fix bug where ghost messages could be added to the list after fast delete (#5941)