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This is a beta release of the next major version 1.4 of Roundcube webmail.
With this milestone we introduce some new features:

  • New responsive skin with mobile support
  • Email Resent (Bounce) feature
  • Improved Mailvelope integration
  • Support for Redis cache
  • Support for SMTPUTF8

Because the new responsive skin is not yet fully completed, it's not enabled
by default. In order to make it the default for your users, change your accordingly:

$config['skin'] = 'elastic';

Although it still needs some polishing, the new skin solves the urgent need
to enable access to Roundcube for mobile devices. The plugin elastic4mobile
makes it the default for mobile devices while keeping the configured default
for desktop browsers.

The Elastic skin is built with LESS and of course the sources are included.
They allow a certain degree of customization by adjusting some color variables.
All you need is to compile your very own customized skin with lessc.

In case you're running Roundcube directly from source or if you're not using
the complete package, you need to install 3rd party javascript modules
by executing the following install script:

$ bin/

This is a beta release and we recommend to test it on a separate environment.
And don't forget to backup your data before installing it.


  • Added new skin with mobile support - the Elastic
  • Support Redis cache
  • Email Resent (Bounce) feature (#4985)
  • Improved Mailvelope integration
    • Added private key listing and generating to identity settings
    • Enable encrypt & sign option if Mailvelope supports it
  • Allow contacts without an email address (#5079)
  • Support SMTPUTF8 and relax email address validation to support unicode in local part (#5120)
  • Support for IMAP folders that cannot contain both folders and messages (#5057)
  • Update to jQuery-3.3.1
  • Update to jQuery-minicolors 2.2.6
  • Update to TinyMCE 4.7.13
  • Remove sample PHP configuration from .htaccess and .user.ini files (#5850)
  • Extend skin_logo setting to allow per skin logos (#6272)
  • Use Masterminds/HTML5 parser for better HTML5 support (#5761)
  • Add More actions button in Contacts toolbar with Copy/Move actions (#6081)
  • Display an error when clicking disabled link to register protocol handler (#6079)
  • Add option trusted_host_patterns (#6009, #5752)
  • Support additional connect parameters in PostgreSQL database wrapper
  • Use UI dialogs instead of confirm() and alert() where possible
  • Display value of the SMTP message size limit in the error message (#6032)
  • Show message flagged status in message view (#5080)
  • Skip redundant INSERT query on successful logon when using PHP7
  • Replace display_version with display_product_version (#5904)
  • Extend disabled_actions config so it accepts also button names (#5903)
  • Handle remote stylesheets the same as remote images, ask the user to allow them (#5994)
  • Add Message-ID to the sendmail log (#5871)
  • Add option to hide folders in share/other-user namespace or outside of the personal namespace root (#5073)
  • Archive: Fix archiving by sender address on cyrus-imap
  • Archive: Style Archive folder also on folder selector and folder manager lists
  • Archive: Add Thunderbird compatible Month option (#5623)
  • Archive: Create archive folder automatically if it's configured, but does not exist (#6076)
  • Enigma: Add button to send mail unencrypted if no key was found (#5913)
  • Enigma: Add options to set PGP cipher/digest algorithms (#5645)
  • Enigma: Multi-host support
  • Managesieve: Add ability to disable filter sets and other actions (#5496, #5898)
  • Managesieve: Add option managesieve_forward to enable settings dialog for simple forwarding (#6021)
  • Managesieve: Support filter action with custom IMAP flags (#6011)
  • Managesieve: Support 'mime' extension tests - RFC5703 (#5832)
  • Managesieve: Support GSSAPI authentication with krb_authentication plugin (#5779)
  • Managesieve: Support enabling the plugin for specified hosts only (#6292)
  • Password: Support host variables in password_db_dsn option (#5955)
  • Password: Automatic virtualmin domain setting, removed password_virtualmin_format option (#5759)
  • Password: Added password_username_format option (#5766)
  • subscriptions_option: show \Noselect folders greyed out (#5621)
  • zipdownload: Added option to define size limit for multiple messages download (#5696)
  • vcard_attachments: Add possibility to send contact vCard from Contacts toolbar (#6080)
  • Changed defaults for smtp_user (%u), smtp_pass (%p) and smtp_port (587)
  • Composer: Fix certificate validation errors by using packagist only (#5148)
  • Add --get and --extract arguments and CACHEDIR env-variable support to (#5882)
  • Support _filter and _scope as GET arguments for opening mail UI (#5825)
  • Various improvements for templating engine and skin behaviours
    • Support conditional include
    • Support for 'link' objects
    • Support including files with path relative to templates directory
    • Use instead of for submit button on logon screen
  • Support skin localization (#5853)
  • Reset onerror on images if placeholder does not exist to prevent from requests storm
  • Unified and simplified code for loading content frame for responses and identities
  • Display contact import and advanced search in popup dialogs
  • Display a dialog for mail import with supported format description and upload size hint
  • Make possible to set (some) config options from a skin
  • Added optional checkbox selection for the list widget
  • Make 'compose' command always enabled
  • Add .log suffix to all log file names, add option log_file_ext to control this (#313)
  • Return "401 Unauthorized" status when login fails (#5663)
  • Support both comma and semicolon as recipient separator, drop recipients_separator option (#5092)
  • Plugin API: Added 'show_bytes' hook (#5001)
  • Add option to not indent quoted text on top-posting reply (#5105)
  • Removed global $CONFIG variable
  • Removed debug_level setting
  • Support AUTHENTICATE LOGIN for IMAP connections (#5563)
  • Support LDAP GSSAPI authentication (#5703)
  • Localized timezone selector (#4983)
  • Use 7bit encoding for ISO-2022-* charsets in sent mail (#5640)
  • Handle inline images also inside multipart/mixed messages (#5905)
  • Allow style tags in HTML editor on composed/reply messages (#5751)
  • Use Github API as a fallback to fetch js dependencies to workaround throttling issues (#6248)
  • Show confirm dialog when moving folders using drag and drop (#6119)
  • Fix bug where new_user_dialog email check could have been circumvented by deleting / abandoning session (#5929)
  • Fix skin extending for assets (#5115)
  • Fix handling of forwarded messages inside of a TNEF message (#5632)
  • Fix bug where attachment size wasn't visible when the filename was too long (#6033)
  • Fix checking table columns when there's more schemas/databases in postgres/mysql (#6047)
  • Fix css conflicts in user interface and e-mail content (#5891)
  • Fix duplicated signature when using Back button in Chrome (#5809)
  • Fix touch event issue on messages list in IE/Edge (#5781)
  • Fix so links over images are not removed in plain text signatures converted from HTML (#4473)
  • Fix various issues when downloading files with names containing non-ascii chars, use RFC 2231 (#5772)
  • Fix PHP warnings on dummy QUOTA responses in Courier-IMAP 4.17.1 (#6374)
  • Fix so fallback from BINARY to BODY FETCH is used also on [PARSE] errors in dovecot 2.3 (#6383)
  • Enigma: Fix deleting keys with authentication subkeys (#6381)
  • Fix invalid regular expressions that throw warnings on PHP 7.3 (#6398)
  • Fix so Classic skin splitter does not escape out of window (#6397)