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Dev Contribution

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How to get involved

Contribute code

If you're interested in contributing to the project, please subscribe to the dev-mailing list first and join the discussion about ongoing development. Share your ideas and plans with us and prove your talent by submitting patches to the mailing list or attach them to the according tickets. Since we're on github now, you can also fork our repository and submit pull requests for the changes you're made. To get familiar with our codebase, read the Code Documentation and check out the latest copy from github. Please also read the Development Guidelines and make sure your code fits the requirements described there.

Find a task

Visit the issue tracker to see open tickets for the next release.

Join the team

Everybody who seriously considers joining the project team is asked to drop a message with his/her skills and his/her ideas about Roundcube to hello[at] Please don't forget to mention the patches you've already contributed. In order to get the requested privileges, register on this platform before and include your username in the mail message.


If Roundcube is not available in your language or if the translation is incomplete see Localization for details on how to translate it.


Did you want to know how to do something and find that the documentation didn't explain it or didn't explain it well? We're happy to accept additions to the documentation; simply create a ticket with the text and either a link to the existing page or a request for a new page.