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Heroku s3assets

Heroku Plugin that provides the ability to download all production s3 assets to your local development app. A common scenario in development is to copy production data to development via the use of heroku db:pull. With this plugin one can also copy production assets stored on s3.


  1. Mac OS X, Linux, or UNIX.

  2. A Heroku account.

  3. aws/s3 gem needs to be installed. gem install aws-s3

  4. progress_bar gem needs to be installed. gem install progress_bar


To install:

$ heroku plugins:install


This plugin assumes that your production Heroku app is storing assets on Amazon s3 and that your Heroku app has the following three config vars properly defined: S3_BUCKET, S3_KEY and S3_SECRET ( see for more info). If any of the S3 config vars are not set you can specify them using command line options.

$ heroku s3assets:pull [--bucket <bucket>] [--key <s3key> ] [--secret <s3secret> ][--output <path>]

To copy all s3 assets to default public/system folder

$ heroku s3assets:pull

To copy all s3 assets to public/assets folder

$ heroku s3assets:pull --output public/assets

If you do not have a S3_BUCKET config var set you can specify a specific bucket as follows:

$ heroku s3assets:pull --bucket mybucket


Please see MIT-LICENSE for more details.


Copyright © 2010 Rounders Consulting Inc.

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