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A common development scenario, when using a Heroku-hosted Refinery CMS app, is to copy production data to development via the use of heroku db:pull. This gem adds a rake task to your Refinery CMS project which copies your production assets stored on s3 onto the local filesystem.


  1. Mac OS X, Linux, or UNIX.
  2. A Heroku account (or S3 credentials).
  3. A Refinery CMS project (Refinery 1.x and 2.x are supported)


Open up your Gemfile and add at the bottom this line:

gem 'refinerycms-s3assets', :group => :development

Now, run:

bundle install


This gem assumes that your production Heroku app is storing assets on Amazon s3 and that your Heroku app has the following three config vars properly defined: S3_BUCKET, S3_KEY and S3_SECRET ( see for more info).

Copying production data to development

Start by copying your production database to your local database:

heroku db:pull

To copy all Image and Resource files from S3 you can now run the following:

bundle exec rake refinery_s3assets:pull

Copying development data to production

Start by copying your development database to your production:

heroku db:push

To copy all Image and Resources files from local development to S3 you can run the following:

bundle exec rake refinery_s3assets:push

Alternatative methods of specifying S3 credentials

If you do not have a Heroku application but you do know the S3 credentials then you can provide these manually as ENV variables:

S3_KEY=key S3_SECRET=secret S3_BUCKET=bucket bundle exec rake refinery_s3assets:pull


There is currently no prompting if you are overwriting existing files so please be careful.


Please see MIT-LICENSE for more details.


Copyright (c) 2012 Rounders Consulting Inc.