Craft CMS Plugin to save EXIF information within your assets
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EXIF | Craft CMS Plugin

Once set up you can save EXIF information with every asset element. Easily display EXIF data on the front-end.


Download or clone repo and place into your plugins folder. Make sure the plugin folder is named exif.

  • Create a custom field with Exif Field Type
  • Add the new field to your Asset Sources -> Field Layout tab.


Watch Installation Video Here.

So... everytime you upload an asset to your assets or inside your entries it will automatically populate element with EXIF information. If you already have photos uploaded, double click the asset and hit Update EXIF Information button to update.

EXIF works on Craft 2.4.x and Craft 2.5.x.

Available Data

  • Camera Make cameraMake
  • Camera Model cameraModel
  • Edit Software editSoftware
  • Edit Date editDate
  • Date Taken dateTaken
  • Shutter Speed shutterSpeed
  • Aperture aperture
  • ISO iso
  • Focal Length focalLength
  • Metering Mode meteringMode
  • Light Source lightSource
  • Flash flash
  • Exposure Mode exposureMode
  • White Balance whiteBalance
  • Digital Zoom Ratio digitalZoomRatio
  • Scene Capture Type sceneCaptureType
  • Contrast contrast
  • Saturation saturation
  • Sharpness sharpness
  • Subject Distance Range subjectDistanceRange

How To Use

In your front-end template you can use EXIF in two ways:

  1. {{ asset.photoExif['cameraMake'] is defined ? 'Camera Make: ' ~ asset.photoExif['cameraMake'] : 'n/a' }}

{% if asset.photoExif['cameraMake'] %}
Camera Make: asset.photoExif['cameraMake']
{% endif %}

  • asset is your photo file
  • photoExif is your field handle name
  • cameraMake is available data value


<section id="exif-demo">
    {# Just getting a random asset file by id for testing #}
    {% set asset ='19').first() %}

    <img src="{{ asset.getUrl() }}" width="450">
    <div class="exif">
      <h1>IFD0 Information</h1>
      <div class="block">
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['cameraMake'] is defined ? asset.photoExif['cameraMake'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['cameraModel'] is defined ? asset.photoExif['cameraModel'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['editSoftware'] is defined ? asset.photoExif['editSoftware'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['editDate'] is defined ? asset.photoExif['editDate'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
    <div class="ifdo">
      <h1>EXIF Information</h1>
      <div class="block">
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['shutterSpeed'] is defined ? 'Shutter Speed: ' ~ asset.photoExif['shutterSpeed'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['aperture'] is defined ? 'Aperture: f/' ~ asset.photoExif['aperture'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['iso'] is defined ? 'ISO: ' ~ asset.photoExif['iso'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['dateTaken'] is defined ? 'Date Taken: ' ~ asset.photoExif['dateTaken'] |date('m.d.Y') : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['meteringMode'] is defined ? 'Metering Mode: ' ~ asset.photoExif['meteringMode'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['lightSource'] is defined ? 'Light Source: ' ~ asset.photoExif['lightSource'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['flash'] is defined ? 'Flash: ' ~ asset.photoExif['flash'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['exposureMode'] is defined ? 'Exposure Mode: ' ~ asset.photoExif['exposureMode'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['whiteBalance'] is defined ? 'White Balance: ' ~ asset.photoExif['whiteBalance'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['digitalZoomRatio'] is defined ? 'Digital Zoom Ration: ' ~ asset.photoExif['digitalZoomRatio'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['sceneCaptureType'] is defined ? 'Scene Capture Type: ' ~ asset.photoExif['sceneCaptureType'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['contrast'] is defined ? 'Contrast: ' ~ asset.photoExif['contrast'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['saturation'] is defined ? 'Saturation: ' ~ asset.photoExif['saturation'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['sharpness'] is defined ? 'Sharpness: ' ~ asset.photoExif['sharpness'] : 'n/a' }}</p>
        <p>{{ asset.photoExif['subjectDistanceRange'] is defined ? 'Subject Distance Range: ' ~ asset.photoExif['subjectDistanceRange'] : 'n/a' }}</p>

EXIF Changelog

0.0.1 -- 2016.06.28

  • Initial release

1.0.2 -- 2016.07.21

  • [Fixed] Only JPG and TIFF files should now work with exif plugin
  • [Fixed] Sometimes assets were breaking because ExifModel was missing
  • [Added] added new version