Frontend framework for jumpstarting HTML5 projects | Grunt + Coffee + SCSS
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Nutshell is a front-end HTML5 starter. Development is automated using GRUNT to compile SCSS and CoffeeScript files.

Whats inside:

  • SCSS
  • CoffeeScript


  • Clone the repo, go to your project directory and run npm install. This will install all the GRUNT dependencies.
  • In your terminal run grunt to compile your SCSS and CoffeeScript files.
  • Open the project in your favorite editor and you are set to go!

Development Assets
You will find all the appropriate development files inside dev folder. For styles look inside scss folder. Everything is broken into different files and are imported into application.scss. If you need to add javascript code pop open coffee/ file.

JavaScript Libraries

  • If you have 3rd party JavaScript libraries you want to use, you should minify and paste the code into app/js/plugins.js. Place other files into app/js/lib directory and update your app/index.html file.

CSS Libraries

  • If you're using some type of JavaScript library that has default/required CSS styles. You can drop that into app/css/plugins.css.

Production Assets
All production files are located in the app directory. Upload all the contents inside the app directory to your webhost.

Happy Coding