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Not Yet Implemented

The following features are not yet implemented, but can be implemented safely:

  • get Array[@@species]

  • get Map[@@species]

  • get Set[@@species]

  • Math.imul(), Math.clz32(), Math.fround(), Math.log10(), Math.log2(), Math.log1p(), Math.expm1(), Math.cosh(), Math.sinh(), Math.tanh(), Math.acosh(), Math.asinh(), Math.atanh(), Math.hypot(), Math.trunc(), Math.sign(), Math.cbrt()

  • generic Date.prototype.toString(), Date.prototype[@@toPrimitive]

  • Proxy

  • Reflect

  • generic RegExp.prototype.toString(), RegExp.prototype[@@match](), RegExp.prototype[@@replace](), RegExp.prototype[@@search](), RegExp.prototype[@@split](), get RegExp[@@species]

  • String.prototype.normalize(), String.raw()

  • Symbol.match, Symbol.species, Symbol.toPrimitive, Symbol.prototype[@@toPrimitive], Symbol.replace,, Symbol.split, Symbol.unscopables

  • Typed Arrays (Can't be implemented efficiently due to ArrayBuffer)

  • arguments[@@iterator](By manually calling an ES6 utility method in function body)

  • Template strings

  • class (Manual class inheritance methods)

  • @@StringTag can be added to Classes

  • @@StringTag can be added to TypedArray