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  • Laptop running Linux / OSX / Windows operating system
  • Minimum 4GB of RAM
  • Laptop charger

Recommended Installation

We will be using Python 3.5 version for the exercise. Users should install the Anaconda distribution from Continuum -

Please note that installing Anaconda is the recommended option for the workshop.

Post Anaconda Installation


Please install keras using the following command

$ pip install keras


Please install tensorflow using the instructions given here

Please note that installing tensorflow on Windows is not straight forward. Attendees running Windows will be using theano as the back-end for keras. theano comes with Anaconda.

Content for the workshop

All tutorial content can be obtained from this repository either with git, or by downloading the repository content as a zip file. If you use git, you can clone this repostory:

git clone

or, download and unzip the zipfile.

Check installation

To test your installation, change to the tutorial directory, and run:

$ python

If the required packages are present, you will see the message:

$ OK.  All required items installed.

If you see message to install particular package(s), please install them using the command:

$ conda install <package name>


$ pip install <package name>