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Replace RMMarker system with annotations + marker reusing #116

michaeltyson opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Route Me member

Route Me currently doesn't scale well with large numbers of markers, as they're all just CALayers, and all present at once.

Would like to implement RMAnnotation, modelled after MKAnnotation, and create RMMarkers as needed, with marker reuse.


Would be great! it's the only missing feature to make it the best!


Hi guys, is there any movement on this issue? Ideas on how to implement it?

Route Me member

It sounds like you've thought about it a bit more than I have so far. An app that I'm working on could use this feature as well, hence me asking about it. I'll probably be able to spend some time working on Route Me as well, so hopefully I can help you out.


Good ideas! ;) Would like to see them!


we would like to use route-me with osm for an existing application. but we need the MkAnnotation from MapKit. are there some news about this?

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