libmapview.a not compiling for both armv6 & armv7 #160

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Hey guys
for some reason I can't compile my project for it to be architecture armv6 & armv7 together.
The thing is that I was trying to upload my ios app to the app store and Apple didn't accepted my app because it was not built for armv6 architecture.

The error I get is the following:

ld: warning: ignoring file /temp/***/libMapView.a, file was built for archive which is not the architecture being linked (armv6)
Undefined symbols for architecture armv6:
"_pj_fwd", referenced from:

  • [RMProjection latLongToPoint:] in libMapView.a(RMProjection.o)
    "pj_inv", referenced from:
  • [RMProjection pointToLatLong:] in libMapView.a(RMProjection.o)
    "_pj_init_plus", referenced from:
  • [RMProjection initWithString:InBounds:] in libMap.a(RMprojection.o)
    "_pj_free", referenced from:
  • [RMProjection dealloc] in libMapView.a(RMProjection.o)
    ld:symbol(s) not found for architecture armv6
    clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)



Make sure proj4 is also building for armv6

@tracyharton tracyharton closed this Mar 6, 2012

Thank you so much! That was exactly the problem!

@yarry yarry pushed a commit to yarry/route-me that referenced this issue Jul 18, 2015
@incanus incanus closes #160 #164 #491: annotation layer sorting delegate method 049a9d4
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