All apps linking against libMapView.a will be rejected due to use of UDID #170

chrisballinger opened this Issue Mar 26, 2012 · 3 comments


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Relevant article: After warning from Apple, apps using UDIDs now being rejected

All apps linking against libMapView.a are now at risk of being rejected by Apple because RMCloudMadeMapSource uses the UDID in their API calls. There are a few proposed solutions to this issue, such as OpenUDID but they all have various drawbacks.

What are your thoughts?

I like

It addresses the privacy issue but still gives you the ability to differentiate between devices.

But, with this last commit, is the library still working?


tracyharton commented Apr 4, 2012

The library should be fine, but any apps that used RMCloudMadeMap won't compile. Users are free to re-add in their project, and deal with the Apple consequences..

Hopefully someone who uses RMCloudMadeMap will commit a long-term fix, but I just didn't want anyone to get dinged for a source they may not even be using just because it was linked into the static lib...

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