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Zooming out when map is constrained with coordinates #174

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RMMap behavior when constrained by the setConstraintsSW:NE: method is not really good. When using a small map, it's impossible to zoom out if you are not near the center of the constrained map. This message: "Zooming will move map out of bounds: no zoom" appears too often.

canZoom= zoomDelta > 0 || !(zRect.origin.northing < SWconstraint.northing ||
zRect.origin.northing+zRect.size.height> NEconstraint.northing ||
zRect.origin.easting < SWconstraint.easting ||
zRect.origin.easting+zRect.size.width > NEconstraint.easting);

This condition use the actual center of the map. Shouldn't it be recentering the map while zooming out?

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