App Crashes Out with 'set start-with-shell off' #57

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michaeltyson commented Oct 24, 2010

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. Use either method in to create a Sample App
  2. Build the App, it will succeed.
  3. Try and Run the App in the iPhone simulator.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

I expect to see an iPhone App with a Map. Instead I get:

"2010-09-28 19:17:03.713 OSMTestApp[11830:207] logged method call: -[<RMMapContents: 0x4b3cac0> initWithView:](line 79)
Detected an attempt to call a symbol in system libraries that is not present on the iPhone:
strtod$UNIX2003 called from function proj_strtod in image OSMTestApp.
If you are encountering this problem running a simulator binary within gdb, make sure you 'set start-with-shell off' first."

What subversion release are you using? Does the behavior occur on the
simulator, a real iPhone/iPod Touch, or both?

iOs Simulator 4.1, have not tried with a real device.

I am running the same problem with iOS 4.2 simualtor

I am still getting this on an iOS 4.2 simulator. It ONLY happens in the simulator - not the real device.

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