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Fix RMPath #64

michaeltyson opened this Issue · 8 comments

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(Quoting vyskocil:) Redraw is sometimes broken, slowdowns with small zoom level, out of memory error arise sometimes (layer too big), missing features


May I propose User/Project@SHA ref: michaeltyson/route-me@a54a756 as a starting point for revising RMPath: This introduces some more sensible path geometry (not the weird inverted thing that was there originally), and adds both bounds calculation and direct CGPath access. It's cleaner, too.


Michael, why don't you put your proposed changes for RMPath to master branch?


I haven't done it yet mostly because it's largely untested, and I'm currently flat-out on a product development cycle.

Pretty soon I'm going to work on an update to one of my apps that'll use paths, and that'll necessitate a closer look at RMPath - I intend to roll it into the master when I do that. Will be a couple/several weeks yet, though.


Now I am working also a project where I need to you RMPath a lot. Maybe you can share your change in a branch? Thus, we don't create two incompatible solutions?


Michael, is there any chance you will share your improved RMPath code shortly? Or I need dig it my self? :)


I already have =) The link's the first comment, above


I have tried Michaels RMPath proposed in this issue and it works much better than the current version. I had one issue though. I got crashes when zooming in and out and when the path was outside the visible area. I tracked it down to the recalculateGeometry in the new RMPath. I changed the end of this method so that right after:

pixelBounds = CGRectIntersection(pixelBounds, CGRectInset(screenBounds, -outset, -outset));

the rest of the method now looks like:

if (!CGRectIsNull(pixelBounds))


pixelBounds.origin.x -= myPosition.x; pixelBounds.origin.y -= myPosition.y;

self.anchorPoint = CGPointMake(-pixelBounds.origin.x / pixelBounds.size.width,-pixelBounds.origin.y / pixelBounds.size.height);


self.bounds = pixelBounds;

[super setPosition:myPosition];

[self setNeedsDisplay];


Okay, I've submitted my implementation (with matspetter's fix - thanks!) for perusal - see route-me/#121.

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