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A message -singleTapOnMap:At: is sent before a double tap #88

amjaliks opened this Issue · 6 comments

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A message -singleTapOnMap:At: is sent to a map view delegate before a double tap.


To me, this seems like it would be expected behavior. Could you elaborate on what you would expect and why?


I want to catch single taps (and distinguish them from double taps) as events I use to hide callout view. By I don't want to hide my callout view, if a user makes double tap (to zoom in a map).


I have this issue as well. For now, I'm overriding touchesBegan:withEvent: in the map view to get around it.

My reasons are the same -- you may want to keep a map callout in view even when double-tap zooming.

This should be using gesture recognizers to see a double-tap, not two single-taps.


I'm working on an app using MBTiles. I noticed a similar problem where the map view is sending singleTapOnMap:At messages when I touch down to start a pan. Notice how MapKit doesn't hide callout views while panning. That isn't very easy when the map view is sending singleTapOnMap:At for pans, single taps, and double taps.

Tonight I took a stab at converting the touch handling to UIGestureRecognizers and I have panning, zooming, single taps, and double taps working on the main map view. I'm still using touchesBegan:withEvent and friends for the markers for now since I haven't even looked at how RMMarker works yet. I also enhanced the panning inertia (deceleration=YES) to more closely match the MapKit physics. Are others interested in this?


Sure, this would be great for a 4.0+ fork of the library.


Is the code for the UIGestureRecognizers instead of the touch events been made available yet?

If not is there any other way I could get it?

Thanks, it would be really usefull

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