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embedded interactivity tile sources #140

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This commit adds embedded interactivity for MBTiles and TileStream tile sources.

Interactivity is a way to store pixel-specific contextual data about map tiles in a way that's space-efficient and easy to retrieve on demand.

Here is a sample iPhone project using this branch of route-me to demonstrate:

Basically, you tap a country on the map and get its name and a flag image for every pixel on the globe.

This file in the demo project shows the basic usage.

Besides the RMInteractivity.h & RMInteractivity.m that contain the routines, this brings in JSONKit and requires linking against zlib, since the interactivity is based on compressed JSON-encoded data.

I've written this in a way that allows anyone to use route-me as normal, including the MBTiles & TileStream tile sources, but only to incur the interactivity overhead if they want it by pulling in a single header.


Anything I can help to clarify with this? Is this something that would be useful to route-me core? I tend to think it would, with little impact to the project aside from inclusion of JSONKit.

Here is a good visual on what this tech is actually doing:

Bottom line is this basically allows easy inclusion of offline-capable contextual data within maps, able to be queried for a given CGPoint and map layer.


I'm going to close this pull request for now. I'm making some largish changes to the implementation, and I think it might be better suited -- for now -- as a fork of the core project. I'll write more on the mailing list soon.

@incanus incanus closed this
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