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An Elixir wrapper for ImageMagick command line.



You must have ImageMagick installed of course.


Add this to your mix.exs file, then run mix do deps.get, deps.compile:

  {:mogrify, "~> 0.7.3"}



  import Mogrify

  # This does operations on an original image:
  open("input.jpg") |> resize("100x100") |> save(in_place: true)

  # save/1 creates a copy of the file by default:
  image = open("input.jpg") |> resize("100x100") |> save
  IO.inspect(image) # => %Image{path: "/tmp/260199-input.jpg", ext: ".jpg", ...}

  # Resize to fill
  open("input.jpg") |> resize_to_fill("450x300") |> save

  # Resize to limit
  open("input.jpg") |> resize_to_limit("200x200") |> save

  # Extent
  open("input.jpg") |> extent("500x500") |> save

  # Gravity
  open("input.jpg") |> gravity("Center") |> save


  import Mogrify

  image = open("input.jpg") |> format("png") |> save
  IO.inspect(image) # => %Image{path: "/tmp/568550-input.png", ext: ".png", format: "png"}

Getting info:

  import Mogrify

  image = open("input.jpg") |> verbose
  IO.inspect(image) # => %Image{path: "input.jpg", ext: ".jpg", format: "jpeg", height: 292, width: 300}

Using custom commands to create an image with markup:

  import Mogrify

  %Mogrify.Image{path: "test.png", ext: "png"}
  |> custom("size", "280x280")
  |> custom("background", "#000000")
  |> custom("gravity", "center")
  |> custom("fill", "white")
  |> custom("font", "DejaVu-Sans-Mono-Bold")
  |> custom("pango", ~S(<span foreground="yellow">hello markup world</span>))
  |> create(path: ".")

Creating new images: See mogrify_draw for an example of generating a new image from scratch.


See the changelog for important release notes between Mogrify versions.


Mogrify source code is licensed under the MIT License.

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