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An attribution plugin that makes long attributes visible on hover

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Refer to index.html or see it live.


  • condense overly-long attribution text
  • add custom html to attribution emblem
  • keep you map interface clean, without skimping on your attribution


Include plugin files in project (after leaflet lib files)

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/leaflet-control-condended-attribution.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="dist/leaflet-control-condended-attribution.js"></script>

If you are not customizing it, you are good to go

If you want to customize, you have access to the options from Leaflet.Contol.Attribution, plus emblem, which sets the content for the un-expanded badge

var map ='map', {
  condensedAttributionControl: false // don't include default, as we are setting options below

// set custom emblem and prefix
  emblem: '<div class="emblem-wrap"><img src=""/></div>',
  prefix: '<a href="" title="Travel time analysis by Motion Intelligence">route360&deg;</a> | <a href="" title="A JS library for interactive maps">Leaflet</a>'


  • emblem - defines the content of the un-expanded attribution badge


  • Extends L.Control.Attribution, maintaining layer-based attribution.
  • Defaults to show if plugin lib included in project, removing classic attribution
  • works with leaflet 1.0 and prior

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