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Route360° JavaScript API
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The Route360° JavaScript API is a modern open-source JavaScript library designed for Leaflet's mobile-friendly interactive maps. It is developed by Henning Hollburg and Daniel Gerber from the Motion Intelligence GmbH.


  • Generate polygons which represent the area which is reachable from a given source point
  • Supported for walk, car, bike and transit routing
  • A number of predefined map controls (travel time slider, date and time chooser, travel type chooser, etc.)
  • Detailed routing information from source to target (travel time, transit trips, etc.)
  • Get routing information for hundreds of POIs in a single request in milliseconds
  • Support for elevation data

Demonstration and Usage

A demonstration of the library's features, as well as detailed coding examples can be found here. You can see what the service is capable of at the technology demo, just select the country you want to test.


Route360° Angular Library

Since we mostly develop our apps with Angular we also developed a public library which should be very helpful. Please keep in mind that this library is in a very early stage and is subject to change on any given day. We are working on making a stable build und write the documentation, but this will take some time. :/ You can find the library here.


You can use our project in bower

bower install route360 --save
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