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Imports Route4MeSDKLibrary.Route4MeSDK
Imports Route4MeSDKLibrary.Route4MeSDK.DataTypes
Imports Route4MeSDKLibrary.Route4MeSDK.QueryTypes
Namespace Route4MeSDKTest.Examples
Partial Public NotInheritable Class Route4MeExamples
''' <summary>
''' Get limited number of the optimizations.
''' </summary>
Public Sub GetOptimizations()
' Create the manager with the api key
Dim route4Me = New Route4MeManager(ActualApiKey)
Dim queryParameters = New RouteParametersQuery() With {
.Limit = 10,
.Offset = 5
Dim errorString As String = Nothing
Dim dataObjects As DataObject() = route4Me.GetOptimizations(queryParameters, errorString)
PrintExampleOptimizationResult(dataObjects, errorString)
End Sub
End Class
End Namespace