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  is a darknet project making use of BGP to experiment with routing. BGP (or Border Gateway Protocol) is a dominant protocol on the Internet, used for connecting multiple networks together.

Several projects like this have existed before such as dn42 and AnoNet.

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Addressing will utilize both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing within the network.

IPv6 addresses will be assigned from the 2001:db8:dead:beef:/64 block, which is reserved space for documentation and source code examples. This range does not conflict with dn42, ChaosVPN, Friefunk, Yggdrasil, or cjdns.

IPv4 addresses will be assigned from the block, which is reserved for private network space. This range does not conflict with dn42, ChaosVPN, or Friefunk.

Current IPv4 Allocations

IPv4 Allocations are located here.

Current IPv6 Allocations

IPv6 Allocations are located here.

These ranges may be changed at any time if they are found to conflict with another range or be unusable for any reason.

Autonomous System Numbers

Each organization on the network with control of an address block will need a unique Autonomous System Number (ASN) to identify the organization's network.

ASN assignments are located here.


Participants in the network will need to use some sort of VPN software to facilitate connections to one another with their an address in their allocation. Users can choose to use any VPN client like WireGuard or tinc, though OpenVPN will be considered the base case as it arguably has the most compatibility with different operating systems and hosting environments.

Any BGP daemon can be used to create a router, though the base case will showcase bird. Other daemons include Quagga and BGPd.



Sample configuration is available here, OpenVPN Configuration.



Sample configuration is available here, Bird Configuration.


Network summary, design, and connectivity information.




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