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router5 is extensible with the use of plugins. Plugins can decorate a route instance and do things on specific router and transition events.

Plugin requirements

A plugin is a function taking a router instance and returning an object with a name and at least one of the following methods:

  • onStart(): invoked when router.start() is called
  • onStop(): invoked when router.stop() is called
  • onTransitionStart(toState, fromState)
  • onTransitionCancel(toState, fromState)
  • onTransitionError(toState, fromState, err)
  • onTransitionSuccess(toState, fromState, opts) (options contains replace and reload boolean flags)
  • teardown(): a function called when removing the plugin

Registering a plugin

function myPlugin(router, dependencies) {
    return {
        onTransitionSuccess: (toState, fromState) => {
                'Yippee, navigation to ' + + ' was successful!'

const router = createRouter()


Plugin examples

Router5 includes a logging plugin that you can use to help development

import createRouter, { loggerPlugin } from 'router5'

const router = createRouter()

const teardownPlgin = router.usePlugin(loggerPlugin)
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