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# With React


Install module `react-router5:

yarn add react-router5
# or
npm install --save react-router5

Demos and examples


  • RouterProvider: adds your router instance and router state in context.
const AppWithRouter = (
    <RouterProvider router={router}>
        <App />

Connecting components

You can connect your components using three different methods:

  • Higher-order components: withRouter, withRoute and routeNode
  • Render props: Router, Route and RouteNode
  • Hooks: useRouter, useRoute and useRouteNode
HoC Render prop Hook
Use your router instance withRouter Router useRouter
Connect to routing state withRoute Route useRoute
Connect to a route node routeNode RouteNode useRouteNode

Link components

  • Link: a component to render hyperlinks. For a full list of supported props, check the source! Link is withRoute and Link composed together
  • ConnectedLink: same as Link, except it re-renders on a route changes.
import React from 'react'
import { Link } from 'react-router5'

function Menu(props) {
    return (
            <Link routeName="home">Home</Link>

            <Link routeName="about">About</Link>

export default Menu
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